Successful Online Marketing Strategies

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In the course of running an online business, there used to be specific challenges and the greatest of these challenges is the problem of deciding on which online marketing strategy to apply.

I’ve heard from countless entrepreneurs who claimed to have written series of articles but couldn’t drive traffic.

How would you feel if you keep on getting zero traffic despite all articles written from time to time?

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

Are you sure you’ve not been missing it out with the marketing strategy you’re currently using in your online business?

Are you really making progress with your business at all? What do you think is affecting progress in your online business?

Are you really pulling traffic despite all of your marketing efforts?  Have you given up already that you can’t even make money online?

I know what the problem is and can help giving lasting solutions today if and only if you would be willing to sit back and patiently go on with me in this write-up.

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

In today’s post, I will be highlighting the various online marketing strategies that really work out for anyone in any niche so far it’s about anything man can imagine or think of.

With the right online marketing strategies, there will be no cause for alarm when it comes to starting out and building traffic gradually.

You wouldn’t ever be part of them in giving up when success is near already. You would learn here about starting up and becoming successful without giving up at all.

Market Your Business Free

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

When you’re just starting out with an online business, you will be eager to start making money from your business even from the very first day, whereas no business is run in that manner even if you’re applying the best of online marketing strategies.

You must prepare for certain things right within your mind including how you’re going to be marketing your business to make it a success. You must know that:

  • You are just starting up a business and you have to grow it up to make it become successful.
  • You have to market your business in order to make people know about what you are offering.
  • You are running a business and will soon start earning profits.
  • You are just learning how to figure out certain strategies to make your new business boom in no time.
  • You’ve been trying over and over again in the past without being able to show anything for it.
  • You are about to succeed online and giving up now that you’re already near success can be so disastrous or devastating to your future.
  • There is no barrier to success so far you are ready.
Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

Do you know that there are free ways to market your online business at all? What are those free ways to market your new business to ensure that you get it off the ground in no time?

Marketing your new business will do you a lot of good but knowing the right ways to go about this is the challenge of most people online today.

While suggesting the free ways to market your new business, I would love to introduce you to online marketing forums.

How do you get a list of good and ranked online marketing forums? Just ask Google using the keyword, ‘List of Ranked Marketing Forums’ and you will find a huge list of those forums with first page rankings.

They are a great place to get started online with your new business and can help you get your newly set-up business off the ground totally without spending a dime.

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

The use of social bookmarking sites like Digg and hundreds of others is highly effective when it comes to marketing a business to get it off the ground.

Most experienced internet marketers made use of these networks and have succeeded in making their businesses very successful.

Have you heard about social bookmarking sites but haven’t tried them out before? Why not add these to your marketing strategies today to see greater results in your online marketing endeavors?

Other marketing platforms which are almost similar in service nature to the social bookmarking sites are social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and many others.

I have been very used to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter ever before now, but when I tried adding Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest to the list of my favorite social networks, I saw more productivity in using the social networks for marketing online than ever.

Cheap Ways To Market Your Business

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

Are there cheap ways to market a business? Yes, there are cheap ways to market your business and we shall be discussing some of them here.

Why must you market your business using the cheap ways? It’s understandable that while just starting out, there used to be some start-up challenges and these can be so frustrating if there is no one to help out financially.

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

With the little funds you may have in account, you would want to maximize that by leveraging some cheap ways to market your business in order to get it off the ground.

Getting your new business off the ground is the major reason you would be needing those cheap ways to market your new business.

Though you’ve learned the excellent way to boost site rankings in search results which is writing quality and keyword-rich content regularly and engaging visitors who leave comments on your site from time to time, you won’t still be getting satisfactory results especially within your first two months in business.

What is the next line of actions to make sure that you keep the business on track?

How would you not get discouraged when you discover that you still keep getting zero traffic despite your posting efforts on a daily basis?

That is where marketing your new business with cheap rates for better rankings comes in.

While starting with the cheap ways to market your new business, you would want to leverage these too to ensure that you get your new business off the ground in no time.

Where To Market Your Business

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

In this section, we shall be talking about the great places suitable and sufficient enough to start marketing your new business.

These include the social media advertising platforms such as the Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads and the likes.

Other places to market your new business are Google Adwords and the marketing platforms on forums and online communities.

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

To start leveraging the Twitter and Facebook Ads, simply login to the platforms with your username and password and order for the Ads packages.

You will be getting instant results on making your orders and it doesn’t cost much money to advertise using these social media platforms. Pinterest has begun its own Ads marketing program too like that of Facebook and Twitter and their asking prices are very low with greater output compared to other advertising networks.

Internet marketing is broad and you need a lot of exposure to get your own website off the ground.

If you wouldn’t ever want to get bored with your efforts in trying to make your way up in business, then you really need to make your findings on how you can drive hundreds of visitors to your site daily.

One of the best ways you would consider getting tons of instant traffic is guest blogging.

How do you get tons of traffic to your website in no time through guest blogging or posting?

How does it really work? Guest blogging works out if you can make guest posts for great and successful bloggers and you can get hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site in three days or less.

Aside from writing great articles while engaging visitors on your site, you would need to apply guest posting to highly successful blogs so you can start driving real visitors to your site soonest.

How To Boost Site Ranking

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

Boosting your site ranking is deeply enhanced by marketing your new business to get it off the ground coupled with building out your site with quality content while engaging the visitors who visit and leave comments on your site from time to time.

As you build out your site with engaging content coupled with the marketing of your site, search engines will begin to trust you gradually and you will begin making money little by little.

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

Though you need a lot of traffic to get your website off the ground and make some few bucks right from scratch, you must really focus more attention on posting articles and engaging audience.

Literally, adding fresh and engaging content regularly to your brand-new site will help a lot in getting your site fully ranked by search engines.

In order to start getting tons of traffic as soon as possible, you would need to make use of guest blogging and that may help seriously in speeding up the ranking of your website too.

As a matter of facts, website ranking is the most determining factor when it comes to becoming successful online and unfortunately, many people have given up too quickly when they can’t get a dime in traffic despite all posting efforts.

I just want to encourage you today if you are just new into blogging and have only been getting zero traffic despite your zeal, aspiration and efforts put together in trying to make your way up quickly online.

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

The factor most responsible for the quick giving up of most people online is that they wouldn’t get to know earlier that making money online involves some rigorous work at the start-up and can become a multiple stream of income with time.

If most people who gave up in the past had known what it entails, they wouldn’t have given up so quickly. In my own network, the founder said he didn’t give up despite the fact that he couldn’t make a cent in the first two months.

Today, he has succeeded in creating a brand that truly generates him thousands of dollars daily, weekly and yearly.

Do you want to be like this successful internet marketer exactly? That’s been my affiliate marketing mentor so far. Do you want your business to flourish in no time without giving up at all?

Do you want to make your way up in the online business world without turning back for a day?

If you want all these, you can easily achieve them all in a matter of few months if you understand and are ready to give what online business entails.


Now that you’ve learned and understood the most perfect and successful online marketing strategies, you’ve got to learn some basic facts already about online business and what can really make you highly successful in no time.

Emphatically, this calls for a lot of actions to really get there in no time and a high level of determination and commitment to get your business off the ground as soon as possible.

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

Without following what you’ve just learned right on this very post sheepishly, you will end up playing a high game of ignorance and your website will keep crawling on the ground for a very long time.

Keep posting articles alone without adding site engagement and guest blogging and you will see your site traffic go down totally.

Would it be your joy that your site should only be visible to you or, perhaps, would it ever profit you to run a website for yourself alone?

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

Do you realize that your website can be a virtual real estate for you with time and can turn a multiple stream of income for life?

Do you know that there are bloggers who receive hundreds of thousands of visitors to their blogs or sites daily?

Do you want to become successful online? You just have to apply those online marketing strategies to your new business to watch it grow exponentially.

To start receiving hundreds of visitors to your site daily even without spending a dime, you need to make use of useful and working tips like these so you can join the community of the most successful internet entrepreneurs soonest.

Failure to do this will eventually lead to giving up without making a cent online. You need a lot of courage to steadily build up your business and will be surprised at the result you will get soonest.

Successful Online Marketing Strategies
Successful Online Marketing Strategies

Should you have any question you want to ask or, perhaps, have any comment you want to pass across to us, kindly leave your comment by filling out the form below and I will be more than happy to reply you soonest.

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  1. Hello, and thanks for sharing this is the single most important ingredient that every business needs and it is this kind of skill whether you are running an online or offline business marketing is the life support of every business. Your post is well detailed and has tons of awesome information that will be a good help to your readers.

  2. No doubt you’ll need to develop marketing strategies to be successful online. And the strategies need to be up to date so you don’t get caught up in using marketing techniques that don’t work anymore.

    I love free traffic, myself but like you said if you don’t use the strategies you’ve outlined, your site will just drag along.

    • Thanks for reading my blog post, Mike! Kudos for contributing an excellent idea to this discussion! It’s very important for you to constantly update your knowledge about the current marketing strategies that work, not relying on the old strategies that don’t work anymore.

      You can drive tons of massive traffic to your blog without spending a dime if you really want to learn how. Check out for the best marketing strategies in my recent posts. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you breakthroughs,

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Great Post, it’s a real eye-opener. This is a very structured post and it helps a great deal. I feel like newcomers will really benefit from this post and will understand the different strategies for online marketing after reading it. Thanks for creating this outline! I will definitely be taking these strategies into consideration.

    • Kudos to you, Emonne for taking time to read my blog post! Much appreciated! It’s good for both veteran and influential bloggers to find out online marketing strategies that really work and apply them right away into business.

      Applying working strategies into business is the right way to go about blogging without missing the road at all. Thanks for visiting!

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunji

  4. Hello Israel,

    Thanks for your post! It really encouraged me not to give up. I have started my blog nearly 3 years ago, but lack of consistency and discouragement at the low results let me quite disgusted and I didn’t want to do anything. However, at the beginning of this month, I figured out that I wanted my freedom at every level and I started getting more involved with my blog.

    I have been publishing one post per week so far and I am starting to get more traffic from Facebook Ads. When my budget allows for it, I’ll also put some Twitter Ads as well because this is a market option I haven’t explored yet. Thanks for your encouragement and be blessed.

  5. Thank you for a very in-depth article about successful online marketing strategies! I had not heard of ranked marketing forums before and I’m about to go and take a look at that. I’ve been working hard on building good content and it is disheartening to not receive many visitors.

    But I guessed it’s like most things in life – you have to keep going because you never know when success might be just around the corner. I appreciate the insights you have offered here.

    • Thanks for reading and appreciating my write-up, Margaret! You would be amazed if I had to say I feel for those who still remain ignorant despite this exposure. Below this paragraph is a shortlist of few blog posts that will give you total insight into the right way to go about blogging profitably.

      You will find a lot of useful SEO strategies to start building high quality backlinks by reading the posts and will be shocked at the result you are going to get in few weeks. That’s the power of links

      As you have experienced the frustration in trying to get traffic via writing hundreds of articles, but which restricted your traffic to zero rather. It’s not the content that matters but the quality of the visitors that linked to that content on your web page.

      Now, if you really want to go ahead of hundreds of people in getting your site ranked amazingly, then get ready to learn the practical SEO tips I have for you through the posts below.

      Blog Comments For SEO: How To Do Blog Commenting
      How To Grow Your Blog Audience
      Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 10 Blogging Tips
      Get Paid To Post Comments
      How To Build Backlinks For SEO

      Wish you much success,
      Israel Olatunnji

  6. I’m presently contemplating on using Facebook ads as my first paid method of marketing my business as their prices seem pretty fair. To be honest, my followers and shares are pretty poor on Facebook but according to Google Analytics, more traffic flows to my website from Pinterest than from any other Social Media platform.

    Have you had much joy with Facebook Ads? I leverage Social Media channels by linking every published post on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest whereas I’m rather stuck with regards to Instagram presently as you’re only allowed one website link. I’m considering creating a category page to link visitors from Instagram thereby promoting a section within my niche, I think this will be more productive for my circumstances.

    Thanks for all your valuable help with regards to generating traffic to achieve conversions Israel,

    • Literally, you’re not expected to generate much traffic from Facebook if you are still a newbie user in the platform. It takes some time and effort to build social relationships not on Facebook alone, but also on other social networks. Traffic comes most from the social media through social engagement and this involves sharing useful and engaging posts, answering questions as well as providing solutions to other people’s problems.

      On a more serious note, Facebook Ads is way more promising and productive than most advertising networks out there because of its membership potentials. Facebook has millions of users from all parts of the world and it’s known as the social network with the largest number of users among others.

      When you buy a Facebook Ads package, expect your Ads to be placed before hundreds of quality and targeted users depending on your chosen location.

  7. I too am going through this process now. I have loved wealthy affiliate so far! It is a great platform to start your online business! You brought up some key factors, not giving up and to constantly update information on your site to bring in that traffic. I am excited to start making money online. Thanks for the great post!

    • Kudos to you for being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, a community with the best affiliate marketing, internet entrepreneurial training and hosting platform in the world. I spoke about the temptation of giving up especially when success is already near. Online revenue is built steadily and you would only be scammed if anyone promises that you are going to get rich overnight.

      You need to update your site from time to time by posting content regularly and engaging your audience generously, not forgetting that the major business is to provide help or solutions to other people’s problems at one time or the other. It’s great to hear that you are excited to start making money online. I am excited too.

      As part of the steps to ensure that making money online becomes easy, I figured out certain facts about link building for SEO and would love to share my positive findings with you passionately. Get details here and don’t forget to subscribe through our email subscription form on the right sidebar.

  8. You are right on not giving up! An online business of any kind takes time and effort, maybe a little amount of money too. If you run into any offer that promises overnight riches, it’s purely a scam.

    The guest blogging idea is a good one. I didn’t really think about that and will look into it now. Thanks!

    Social networks are also a good source of reliable traffic, but Facebook is overrated in my opinion. Ever since they went fully into monetizing it, the whole thing became very diluted and is much less of a player in acquiring good traffic these days.

    Pinterest is something I am currently looking closer at. This seems like a better place to put your efforts than Facebook. What do you think?

    • Hello Steve,

      Online marketing takes some time and effort, but success can easily be attained with particular strategies. You can get things done on time with your blog if you carefully learn certain approaches to building better exposure. You wouldn’t be spending a dime and it wouldn’t be taking you too long to start building an online stream of income.

      It’s no doubt that you are dealing with a scammer when you are promised to become rich overnight. There’s nothing like getting rich overnight online. You build your online revenue steadily while living a laptop lifestyle.

      You need to publish guest posts from time to time on authoritative blogs. You can properly learn how to go about that here. This is one of the fastest ways to build site trust and get first page rankings in search engines.

      Though Facebook has developed so greatly into advertising and marketing, it can still be leveraged through social engagement. Pinterest is quite more promising than most of other social media platforms when it comes to SEO activities.

  9. Hello William, Thanks for getting back to Online Business Publications! Hundreds of bloggers are out there blogging daily, yet a good percentage is missing out the road day-in day-out without figuring out what to do to get ranked in search engines. Link building is the strategy I recommend most to bloggers wishing to become successful, though you must learn how to build high quality links to rank high in Google and other search engines.

    In as much as you’ve decided to get acquainted with facts about online marketing strategies, be rest assured that in two weeks, you are going to pull tons of traffic to your site. If you would need practical tips on link building for SEO, don’t hesitate leaving out a comment below and I will be more than happy to respond.

  10. I’m in the process of getting my first website up and running and I’m just browsing the internet trying to soak in all the free information I can on how to do this the correct way.

    Online marketing wasn’t even in my mind I’m not going to lie. I see it can literally make or break your site though. I really needed this. Thanks and I’ll be sure to share.

    • Congratulations to you for making the best of decisions to set up a website which is going to turn out a multi-million dollar brand for you in the nearest future! Online marketing is the basis for doing everything online successfully and it’s the main idea to ensure that you are going to make money online.

      Whether you are just starting out online or not, you are going to become an expert in SEO and in other things that matter when it comes to running an online business and becoming successful as an online entrepreneur.

  11. It’s such an amazing post and is really useful for me. It is quite challenging for me to boost the ranking of my blog but after reading this article, it helped me a lot to boost the ranking of my blog. Thanks a lot, Israel!

    • Hello Fayaz Ahmed,

      Thanks for contributing to the discussion! Ranking is of paramount importance to online marketing success and this is very hard to figure out for most bloggers today. It’s great that you read the content of this page. It should really help you in figuring out those strategies needed for getting ranked.

      While struggling to get top rankings in search engines, you should bear in mind to build links. Aside from writing quality and engaging content on your site, link building is the most important skill for SEO. If you need further enquiries on this, don’t hesitate leaving out a comment below.

  12. Posting articles and engaging your audience. Bingo Israel. That is it. This is the way to go. But folks crave short cuts and want to get without giving. Sharing helpful content and chatting folks up creates the value and bonds we need to thrive online. Thanks for the helpful blog post.


    • Kudos to you, Ryan for the passion and thanks for reflecting the true color of a passionate blogger! How was your recent trip? I hope it was lovely! Creating quality and engaging content will definitely help in getting top rankings in search engines, but most bloggers wouldn’t want to spend time building out their blogs using a ‘Slow and Steady’ approach.

      Leaving attention grabbing blog comments on authoritative blogs as read from one of your blog posts on Blogging From Paradise is greatly instrumental to online marketing success. Thanks for getting back, Ryan! I am deeply impressed.

      Israel Olatunji


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