What is WordPress SEO About?

WordPress SEO

This article will show you how to optimize your website using the best practices and tactics. You can improve your rankings; increase your sales and overall site performance. This guide is extensive because you need to instill proper SEO in every aspect of your online marketing and PR. This post assumes you are using Yoast … Read more

11 Cool Ways to Boost Your Google TrustRank

Google TrustRank

Trust is the denominator upon which all transactions are carried out. People have to trust you first before buying from you. This is the same reason businesses go extra miles in establishing trust with new and existing customers. Setting up and running company blogs, social media accounts, and frequent communication via emails are different ways … Read more

6 Linking Tactics That Will Help Your Content Get Ranked, Found and Read

Internal Linking Strategy

Both content marketing and SEO function in parallel universes. One of the best ways to optimize content is simply by searching the nature of its high quality and quantity. However, it becomes a problem when content marketers misplace their priorities by losing sight for their vision and goals and, by so doing, fail to get … Read more

How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Voice search optimization

Research shows over the years that the voice commerce sector is worth about $1.8 billion in the US and $200 million in the UK during 2017. It is no gainsaying that the development in technology coupled with the increase in all voice assisted devices across the world is fast changing the way content is being … Read more

9 Practicable White Hat SEO Tips to Rank on Google (2019)

White Hat SEO

Google ranking can be a daunting task! Aside from the fact that it is time-consuming and requires much effort, it can be a bit challenging especially for newbie and those who have little or no knowledge of SEO. I could remember when I had my first site; I was basically writing content and hoping that … Read more

Top 9 Tips to Improve Google Ranking Fast Using Google Analytics

How to Improve Google Rankings Fast

It is no doubt that SEO is slow and also requires a long process. Search engine optimization can take years to improve the rankings and develop the authority of a domain. It is fair to say SEO is the slowest form of marketing. I can honestly think of it, but there is a shortcut to … Read more

How to Set Up Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO By Yoast

This is a complete setup guide to having the Yoast SEO plugin configured on a WordPress site. Though some little changes have been made so far to the UI, the setup/configuration procedure is all the same with the previous one. And I’ve also updated the guide with regard to Meta titles and Meta descriptions for … Read more

Why Blogging is Crucial

Why Blogging is Crucial

Sometimes, when you see brands dive into socializing and vlogging, you may want to ask this question, “Is blogging still crucial?” The simple answer is echoing “Yes!” For enterprises just getting started to flesh out a profitable marketing tactic, blogging is an essential marketing tool with little or no pitfall to entry and a valuable … Read more

9 Ways to Create Highly Engaging Content

Engaging Content

Anyone can create content, but content without a specific goal is pointless. You must realize that there’s a purpose for your content marketing tactic. Spell out clearly to yourself what you basically want your readers to do once they’re done reading your content. Whatever you might want readers to do after reading, your content has … Read more

How to Get More Readers to Your Blog

Jobs You Can Do From Home on Your Computer

When it comes to getting more readers to your blog, it does not work out perfectly by the amount ot Google adwords campaigning you do online and offline but by simply following the solid fundamentals of blogging which the authority followed before and after becoming authorities in their respective niches. Gone were the days when … Read more