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The Easiest Way to Write Your Next Post in 1 Hour

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Thrive Themes

Creating content is a skill. It is skills you can get to learn and master over a period of time but if you don’t have enough time, I have found a particular solution for you. I will advise that you learn skills from other bloggers who are successful. This is the pattern most bloggers use and you can always practice with it; try to use it judiciously so as to get visitors and attention to your blog. And that will […]


9 Ways to Create Highly Engaging Content

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Engaging Content

Anyone can create content, but content without a specific goal is pointless. You must realize that there’s a purpose for your content marketing tactic. Spell out clearly to yourself what you basically want your readers to do once they’re done reading your content. Whatever you might want readers to do after reading, your content has to be engaging and compelling enough to suffice that goal; otherwise, no one will care to read your posts. When you try making your content […]

Affiliate Marketing

How to Earn Extra Money from Home Legitimately

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How to Earn Extra Money from Home Legitimately

Do you want to start earning some extra income online working from the comfort of your home? Do you know that you can earn $5-$20 every day depending on how much time you’re willing to devote to the job? What job are we talking about here if not freelance writing? Not the kind of freelance writing in which you would have to wait for assignments or the approval of clients before you can ever receive any payment but the kind […]

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How to Plan Your Writing

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How to make people follow you

How do you draw plans when you want to create content? Or do you just venture into the writing without first drawing some plans for it? As far as creating high-quality and informative content is concerned, you need to plan your writing work and I’ll show you some strategies you can implement in order to make things work out as expected. Why do you think most veterans say that writing isn’t one of their strong points? Why do many people […]


How To Get Ranked In Google

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How to Increase Your Website Traffic for Free

Do you own a website and would want to get top rankings within a few weeks? Have you been performing the various SEO activities to get first page rankings in search results? How far have you gone in working on your site? How far have you gone in writing content? Have you been getting zero traffic despite all efforts? Issues related to website development and rankings will be discussed today in this post. When it comes to getting ranked in […]