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Thrive Themes is a compilation of solid WordPress themes and plug-ins that were created and designed by Shane Melaugh; he is the brain behind some other great marketing tools such as Hybrid Connect and SECockpit.

He is also one of the big-time bloggers that designed ActiveGrowth.Com.

Normally, if you pay a fee for a premium WordPress theme, you are going to get unlimited access to that theme for just a one-time fee but Thrive themes is quite different from all of that.

Another thing that makes it special is that instead of paying once for a single WordPress theme, all you need to do is pay an annual membership fee that will give you 100% access to so many quality WordPress themes and Plug-ins.

Your subscription will function on up to 25 or 50 good websites.

This depends solely on the plan you choose, and this makes Thrive Themes a very nice value if you are really looking forward to building and managing multiple websites at a time.

Thrive Membership Review | Themes Overview

At present, Thrive has about ten WordPress themes and each of these themes is designed purposely for fast speed, readability and clarity.

Thrive themes are very nice even though more priority is placed on conversion elements more than design.

Several Thrive themes work perfectly well for magazine-style blogs, while some function well for products and services and are also useful and important for both individuals and some other organizations.

Presently, Thrive is also striving to build up a detailed theme builder known as Thrive Theme Builder, though work is still in progress.

Listed below are some WordPress themes that Thrive offers at the present.

1. The FocusBlog Theme

This is one of the best WordPress themes that I have ever leveraged. It is simple to customize; it is user friendly; it is mobile responsive, and it offers your website a nice professional view and feels.

I’ll strongly advise you to opt for FocusBlog if you desire:

  • A simple and ready-to-use design and neat visual look
  • A nice template for local businesses, marketing firms.
  • A good call-to-action focused theme

2. Storied Theme

The storied theme is just another blogging theme that places much attention on media-detailed elements such as images, videos, and audios.

The following are why you should use Storied Theme:

Storied has a solid and clear conversion focus section. Also, it has a customized widget and themes area that help maximize conversion and engage your visitors.

It is also suitable for bloggers and all online magazine websites.

3. Rise Theme

The Rise Theme pays more attention to clean templates for blogs and it is better utilized for product sales and affiliate marketing websites.

Below are some nice features about the Rise Theme:

It has different colors for the available widget and focuses areas; it can switch between five color-schemes to look unique across its pages.

It also offers shortcodes to enhance and customize the design.

4. Performag Theme

Performag is the Thrive Themes’ first magazine theme. It is created exclusively for magazine-style websites and is well-optimized for ad revenue, user engagement, and social sharing.

Below are some features of the Performag Thrive Theme:

  • Customizable and mobile-friendly magazine theme
  • Unlimited scrolling of blog posts and other related posts
  • Well built ad manager used for magazine layouts

5. Voice Theme

The voice theme prioritizes podcasting and blogging; the theme also accepts authors’ portfolios on the left column by making it suitable for personal branding.

Listed below is why you should consider the voice theme

  • It involves easy navigation options for website users
  • It makes it so easy to highlight your portfolio

6. Luxe Theme

The Luxe theme appears like a modern-day fashion magazine.

If you are really selling some luxurious products or services, then I will suggest Luxe is the right theme for you.

If you want the following features, then it is safe to tell you to go for Luxe.

  • A theme that is based majorly on readability
  • A theme that has less design with little typography and errors
  • The potentiality to put your blog posts to the front and at the center to facilitate your website’s user experience

7. Pressive Theme

Pressive is also a WordPress theme planned for blogging and marketing inclined websites that feature so many multimedia elements.

Below is why you need the Pressive theme:

The theme is focused mainly on elements placed in high converting sections that also involve a unique design and character; its major aim is to help theme users create sales funnels and pages.

8. Ignition Theme

The ignition theme is based majorly on sales and product pages.

If you really want to create an e-commerce store with Thrive themes, then you will be satisfied using the Ignition WordPress theme.

Below are what you will surely get with the theme.

  • A well functioning blog
  • A mobile responsive theme
  • An attractive homepage design
  • So many types of widgets

9. Squared Theme

This is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is designed to be eye-catching and very clear.

Every element from the theme is designed purposely to try and catch readers’ attention.

Using the Squared Theme, you will have the chance to make your website clear and also maintain the best practices for all your conversions.

These are the reasons you should make use of the squared theme:

  1. It is eye-catching and very unique
  2. It has a nice, focused area

10. Minus Theme

The Minus Theme is a limited WordPress theme that helps you improve and push up your content while working back on the design.

It has a lot of white space with just a few distractions.

With Minus, you rest assured to get the following

  • A complete conversion-focused theme
  • Multiple WordPress theme features
  • Designs that compliment any brand and idea

As stated above, you’ll get numerous themes using your Thrive Themes membership.

The question is, are you ready to get started with Thrive for your Website?

What Else is Included with the Thrive Themes Membership?

Though you can buy themes and Plug-ins on your own, the Thrive Themes membership will really give you much value by adding together everything through a single plan.

Through the Thrives Membership, you will get complete access to all other themes and plug-ins.

Apart from the themes I already listed above, here is the summary of other tools that come with the Thrive Themes membership:

Thrive Architect: This is formally known as Content Builder. It is a front-end builder which amounts to the fact that you’ll see the page as visitors will see while working on it and because you are not required to change the browser tabs to view a preview of your work, the design process is quite fast and tremendous.

With Thrive Architect, you are likely to get:

  • An upgraded content element
  • A Strong drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress
  • Above 200 prebuilt landing page templates for sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar registration pages, and more

There are so many important elements that you can as well drag and drop and utilize on all your pages which is compatible with both Thrive Themes and some other WordPress themes.

Thrive Leads: This is an in-depth sign-up form builder with some helpful features that go beyond most list-building WordPress Plug-ins.

Thrive Leads is the most used lead generation plugin for WordPress. Your goal is either to grow your email list or ensure that your visitors take some other actions on your own website. Thrive Leads can improve your conversion rates.

Thrive Leads centers majorly on helping you display email opt-in forms and pop-ups on your site.

Aside from opt-in forms, you can as well make use of the pop-ups to display any type of content which such as texts, images, videos and call to action.

By using the Thrive Leads editor, you’ll have full access over how these forms look; it has A/B testing features to ensure you optimize your form conversions.

  • Thrive Headline Optimizer: This is a tool that helps you test run the titles of your blog posts.
  • Thrive Clever Widgets: This tool allows you to put different widgets on your blog.
  • Thrive Ultimatum: This is a tool used for building some evergreen countdown timers to help drive urgency.
  • Thrive Ovation: This is a tool that helps you collect and showcase your nicely-designed testimonials on your website.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder: This is a tool for building interactive quizzes and for including visitors to your mailing list which is majorly based on their answers.
  • Thrive Comments: This is a tool that plays a vital role in building engagement on your website with a comment platform that includes up-votes, featured comments, and badges.
  • Thrive Optimize: This is an add-on/tool that makes it easy to split test landing pages on your website and upgrade conversions.
  • Thrive Apprentice: It is a plug-in that makes it simple to build and sell out online courses.

To add to these products from Thrive Themes, you will as well enjoy access to Thrive University, which features a volume of some courses that are built to help you learn and master digital marketing.

While we have useful and valuable information on the Thrive Themes blog, these are courses available strictly as part of a paid membership.

We also have the Thrive University, though I haven’t gone through it yet.

So, I won’t say much about it in this particular review, but I can affirm that if you have an interest in making the most out of the tools available in Thrive Themes, this online marketing orientation and education will be greatly useful for you.

The Thrive membership package also grants you access to all of Thrive products and training for all your projects.

It is some excellent value because Thrive is always improving and upgrading their themes and products having said that there are majorly two membership plans you can select from here:

Thrive Membership: This is estimated at $19 per month (which is paid annually) or $25 per month (paid quarterly). This plan allows you to leverage all of their products on all your websites.

Agency Membership: This is charged at $49 per month (paid annually) or $59 per month (paid Quarterly). This plan allows you to use all of these products on your websites and clients.

The most interesting thing is that, with a Thrive membership, you won’t only get the current products; you will also enjoy full access to all their future deals, products, updates and engagement.

What comes with a Thrive Membership and how much does it cost?

It comes with a full package and full access to all of their WordPress themes and Plug-ins, Plus some ongoing customer support.

How is Thrive Themes Unique from Other WordPress Themes?

Thrive Themes is basically known for its conversion-focused WordPress themes, which are specifically designed to increase your website conversion rates.

If conversions are important in your business, Thrive Themes would be a great option.

Thrive Themes Review | Conclusion

Having stated all the benefits above, you can see that Thrive membership offers an incredible amount of value for money, all thanks to the premium themes and plug-ins you get for a low monthly price.

You’ll be able to save a whole lot of money with your membership, compared to buying Thrive Plug-ins and themes individually.

It is so much easier than trying to put together a group of third-party plug-ins that were never designed to function together.

If you are still a newbie in the blogging world and aren’t yet making money, it may not be that feasible to buy the Thrive Themes package based on your current monetary status.

But in the future of your online business, you may consider using the Thrive Architect once you’ve started seeing earnings.

It’s natural that after a couple of years of building out content on your site, you’ll rock the blog and start making cool money.

So, as you start making money, you’d want to upgrade your website by using some pro tools, part of which the Thrive Architect is included.

If you ever need to make further clarifications about the Thrive Themes, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the box below.

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  1. I heard about the thrive themes some few weeks back and though I have not taken a decision as to whether I will try out or not, it feels good to see them in here and I honestly value all that has been shared here. I really value this here and it makes so much sense to me here. I really value all that has been shared here. Thank you so much for this information

  2. Having considered all the benefits of Thrive Theme as discussed in this review, I can clearly see that with the premium membership, the Thrive Theme can be utilized at no extra cost; hence, an incredible amount of value for money, all thanks to the premium themes and plug-ins you get for a low monthly price!

    I will check out the Thrive theme, especially “The FocusBlog Theme” thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for going through my Thrive Themes review! It’s a professional WordPress theme with all professional web design kits in one pack. If you’re already making some fortune with your site, it’s time to switch to Thrive Themes.

      Thanks for your comment!


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