Top 9 Ad Networks for Publishers

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Profit maximization is the ideal path for blog owners if they hope to remain profitable over a long period of time.

That’s because the online advertising industry is constantly evolving with new opportunities or current earning opportunities becoming obsolete with time.

Bloggers and Internet marketers should always research new opportunities, test them out to ascertain their true potentials, and then incorporate the winners as part of their business arsenal.

Chances are, you own a blog or site, or you’re a webmaster with a steady traffic source. You need to monetize that traffic in such a way that you are earning at your full potential, or very close to it.

This is the reason for this post, a review of my top 10 ad networks for publishers!

For those of you who are new to the world of online advertising, let’s provide you with a basic understanding of online advertising models with particular emphasis on CPM.

The main topics that will be covered in this post include:

  • What is CPM and which is The Best Online Advertising Model?
  • Infolinks
  • AdsTerra
  • Google AdSense
  • Adcash
  • Smarty Ads
  • Double Click Ad
  • Hilltop Ads
  • Exchange
  • Conclusion

What is CPM and which is The Best Online Advertising Model?

CPM (Cost Per Mille) is an online advertising model that describes the amount paid to a publisher for every 1,000 visitors to their site or blog.

The formula for calculating a single visitor or impression in a CPM model is dividing the gross CPM by 1,000.

For example, an ad network offers a CPM of $3.50 to publishers on its network. The earning per impression is $0.0035, meaning that a publisher earns that amount on every impression that is made on the ads.

CPM is an attractive business model for publishers especially those with high traffic. It is a sure guarantee that you earn revenue on a daily basis even if your visitors do not click or make any purchase through the ad displayed.

For advertisers, CPM is ideal for promoting new products or services before your audience. It can also be used to promote a new business or create awareness of its existence.

CPC and CPA are two other widely-used advertising models by both publishers and advertisers.

While CPC (Cost per Click) refers to a model where publishers are paid for every click that a visitor makes on the displayed ads, these ads could be text, banners or videos displayed alongside links that direct the traffic to an external site. CPC earnings per click earn a publisher much more than CPM.

CPA (Cost per Acquisition) describes an online advertising model where publishers are paid for completed tasks that are performed by visitors. These tasks could be visitors taking a survey, subscribing to an email newsletter service, downloading an app, or making a purchase.

On average, CPA earns a publisher much more than CPC and CPM for each user interaction with the ads displayed. The downside is that the CPA doesn’t earn as frequently as the other two.

The best of these models depends on how a publisher deploys them. A very good blend of these 3 will guarantee steady, regular, and maximum earnings.

Now we proceed to the ad networks that can make the profit maximization of your website traffic a reality.

1. Infolinks

Infolinks is an in-text link CPM based ad network that provides 4 kinds of ads for publishers to monetize their websites. These advertising types established by Infolinks are in-search, in-article, in-tag, and in-frame.

Infolinks is a great alternative for publishers in need of ads that work alongside Google AdSense. Infolinks is easy to integrate on your blog, and approval does not require a traffic limit nor is publishers required to pay any fee before approval.

Infolinks is a good way to maximize earnings on your site since the ads do not require space for banners or other ad tools. Instead, targeted ads are displayed for all relevant keywords from your content. Payment methods available to publishers include e-check, PayPal, and Western Union, with a minimum payout threshold of $50.

2. is an online contextual ad network that is powered by Yahoo and Bing search engines. The service is one of the best alternative contextual ads networks for publishers seeking an alternative to Google AdSense. is an ad network that promises a 100% fill rate for both local and national ads across all its formats. The service comes a close second to Google AdSense in terms of the online advertising market share.

The ad formats supported by include desktop interstitials, in-content natives, and mobile docked ads. has a large array of global and reputable brands using its services among which we have Forbes, Reuters, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire.

There is no traffic limit requirement for publishers to get approved on Publishers on this network receive their payouts via PayPal and Wire Transfer, while the minimum payout threshold is $100.

3. AdsTerra

AdsTerra is an online ad network with an international reach serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ad impressions monthly while offering publishers the opportunity of 100% monetization of their ad inventory.

AdsTerra ads cover virtually all verticals making it a safe destination for any blog owner expecting to profit from traffic sources.

AdsTerra features a variety of ad formats that are optimized for desktop and mobile traffic. These formats come in popular sizes and they include interstitial, display banners, push up, sliders, pop-under, and direct links.

AdsTerra also features a referral program that rewards publishers with 5% commissions for successful referrals to its platform. Publishers on its network also have access to personal account managers that help with optimizing ad campaigns.

Publishers on the AdsTerra network have been assured a bi-weekly (twice monthly) payment through the major payment options.

4. Google AdSense

Google AdSense needs no introduction when it comes to online advertising. That’s because it is owned and operated by the biggest online search engine, and it incidentally happens to own the largest market share in online advertising. When most people talk about monetizing their sites through online advertising, most often than not, they are making reference to Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is an ad network that provides 100% local and International fill rate across any verticals. Generally, Google AdSense should be the best choice for website monetization. But it isn’t always the case, especially when it comes to your site’s earnings.

Getting approval on Google AdSense is quite tough and requires publishers to follow laid-down rules to the letter. A violation of any of the terms would experience an account getting suspended or canceled.

Publishers already approved on Google AdSense enjoy great earning potentials, especially as ads from other networks can run simultaneously on your site.

Google Ads come in all the popular formats and they can be customized to reflect the look and feel of your site or blog.

The minimum payout threshold on Google AdSense is $100 and payment is through Check and Western Union.

5. Adcash

Adcash provides a Marketplace for advertisers to promote their offers through applications and websites that belong to publishers who in turn earn revenue from the brand advertisements.

Adcash supports advertising and marketing through a variety of ad types that include banners, footers, and background ads. Other ad formats supported by Adcash are minivans, slide-in, and site-under, in image and videos.

Adcash offers tracking and reporting tools for publishers to evaluate their site stats, review their performance, and optimize ad revenue.

The minimum threshold for publishers to request payouts is 100 Euro.


This is an advertising network that delivers a wide range of verticals (actually more than 30) and over 2 billion daily ad Impressions through its network of publishers. is the technology arm of AOL that deals with data and insights. is an ad network that displays relevant ads matching the content of your blog. Their CPM rates are among the best in the online advertising industry. Ad formats supported by include the different kinds of display ads, video, mobile ads, and some custom implementations. requires publishers to own high traffic sites before been approved on its network. The minimum payout threshold for publishers on is $25 and payment is via check.

7. Smarty Ads

Smarty Ads is an innovative ad network that uses smart algorithms to automate the media selling workflow of publishers as well as manage priorities based on selected settings. Publishers have full control elements as floor prices, ad units and types, format, and positioning in order to enjoy the maximum fill rate.

Smarty ad campaigns are optimized for desktop, mobile, and app platforms. There are lots of available ad formats such as native, playable, video, and rich media.

Publishers are required to have a minimum of 300,000 monthly page views before being considered for approval on Smarty Ads. The minimum payout threshold for publishers on Smarty Ads is $50 and payment is on a 60 net basis.

The offer type on Smarty Ads is CPM, with publishers given the option to choose between client-side and server-side installation. Also, publishers with high volumes can leverage on this to sell their exclusive and premium ad placements directly to advertisers and partners for higher prices.

Smarty Ads has a massive reach across major countries in the continents of North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Australia.

8. DoubleClick Ad Exchange

This is an ad Marketplace for the buying and selling of ad spaces between advertisers and publishers. DoubleClick is a high profile ad network in partnership with the Google Display Network.

Advertisers are allowed to bid on display advertising all around the world. DoubleClick serves as the premium version of Google AdSense having deep integration with every ad network, agency, and millions of advertisers around the world.

DoubleClick uses a system called dynamic allocation to ensure the highest price for every impression. Advertisers can buy quality mobile web, mobile app, and video and desktop ad spaces through the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

The Ad Exchange facilitates transactions involving premium exchanges, private exchanges or Marketplaces, and opens exchange transactions.

The exchange boasts of a free fraud protection system that functions as a manual and automated system filtering out and preventing advertisers from buying invalid traffic.

Publishers are required to have at least 30 million monthly impressions before they can be approved on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange network.

9. Hilltop Ads

Hilltop Ads is a United Kingdom-based ad network that delivers desktop and mobile traffic using ad formats such as pop-up, pop-under, banners, and social search.

Advertisers are able to get quality traffic directly from publishers at the best prices. They also have control over their personal accounts at Hilltop Ads.

The accounts are well-equipped with all the required tools for advertisers to self-manage their ad campaigns. Hilltop Ads also offers a personal manager to guide users in every step of the ad creation process.

Hilltop Ads utilizes a real-time optimization to get more and higher converting offers in real-time mode.

There is no financial fee as Hilltop Ads handles transaction fees. Payouts to publishers are made on a net 7 basis and payment is via Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney, and Wire Transfer.


Bloggers, internet marketers, and webmasters have often felt the need to not only monetize their websites but also to maximize earnings from their traffic.

There are lots of options available with different advertisement payment modes.

Our list of selected ad networks provides details that will guide you in choosing the right networks for maximizing revenue. You can get started with the ad networks mentioned in this post.

While you can earn side income through one or more of these advertising platforms, you should also work in earnest and ensure that you build a passive income stream through your own website. To start a new website right now and in minutes, check out my WA review and get rolling right away.

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  1. It’s very good of you learn how to earn online as it always help in finances and there are lots of people out there who are yet to get into this line. Having this article will be very helpful to bloggers and publishers as it is another means by which they can make money online. Thanks for sharing this, it’ll be very resourceful.

  2. Hello there…I must compliment your awesome write up here on the top 10 ad networks for publishers… writing isn’t as easy as we think when reading written reviews or books and coupled with it are the issues also involved in publishing written books… trust me writers go through a lot and these ad networks will go a long way helping them…I will definitely share this post as I have a lot of writers in my blog too.

    • Thanks for your comment, Evans! Much appreciated! I’ve just updated the list of Ad networks in this post moments ago due to the fact that Chitika is no longer in operation. They shut down permanently after 15 whole years of operation.

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Hello there, thanks for sharing this masterpiece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains so much valuable information’s an online marketer like me would find really useful in monetizing my website. Thanks for the options you listed here as it would help in choosing the right one that works perfect for me

    • I updated the post moments ago by removing Chitika from the list of Top 10 Ad Networks. The list is currently updated as 9 in number as against the previous 10. Thanks for stopping by!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. Ok, I’m definitely saving this post. I’m actually looking for ad networks for more income streams and I’m already getting a lot of value from your post. I’m definitely going to check out AdsTerra, Media net, and SmartyAds. 

    It seems that Chitika has shut down though, no?

    This is really helpful and I’d most likely try out monetizing my sites with these ad networks.  Out of all these networks which of them do you find the most successful?

    • Hey Jenn, thanks for the update! It’s true, Chitika has permanently shut down after 15 years of operation. I updated the post moments ago after seeing your comment. I deeply appreciated your contribution!

      Israel Olatunji

  5. Wow – what perfect timing for me to find this article! I’ve been using google for so long but have started to suspect that more money can be made elsewhere… I don’t want the reader experience to suffer, so this article and information is super helpful. 

    For services that want “high traffic” sites (like advertising . com), what is their threshold when they are considering traffic? 10,000 pageviews? 10,000 users? Or are they more in the ballpark of the 30 million impressions that DoubleClick Ad Exchange network requires?

    • Hey Aly, most of these Ad networks requires little or no traffic views monthly to approve a publisher. For example, I currently publish for Infolinks and displays its advertisers’ ads on my blog. I got approved as a publisher without being required a minimum traffic count monthly.

      Israel Olatunji


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