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Training Resources

Training Resources

Below this page is the direct link to the super training resources deliberately created for your super blogging experience.

Are you a newbie trying to get started with a blog or a veteran struggling blogger seeking to learn the fundamentals of blogging? Once again, you’re warmly welcomed to the Online Business Publications’ Training Resource Page where you have all these resources at your own disposal to start an online journey that leads to financial freedom.

As you scroll down the training resource page, you will find the links to all the resources which you would ever need to start and launch a personal blog successfully and become a rocking blogger to the uttermost.

Here are the training resources which I single-highhandedly created both here at and in my WA profile. They are training tutorials which you can leverage straightaway to build up your online empire and virtual real estate.

Useful and relevant images were added to these resources (Where necessary) for the ease of understanding while studying through.

If you ever need a hand with anything based on the content, images or tools added in any one of these training resources, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below each of the training tutorials and I’d be more than happy to respond in earnest. I’m committed to your online success and breakthroughs.

Here is the Best Way to Become Financially Free Online

If you’d be willing to start up your own online entrepreneurial business today, set up a multi-million dollar brand, and earnestly begin to make money online genuinely, do not hesitate to take a step of success today by following the link below to read my honest review about Wealthy Affiliate.

Members are earning $10000+ a month. You have unlimited opportunities to earn as much as you want to earn per day. Congratulations!

Kyle and Carson; the Co-Founders of WA

Kyle and Carson; the Co-Founders of WA

Here is My Honest Review About Wealthy Affiliate

WA is the only platform with the highest earning potential in the online world. It’s grown now at a pace faster than the industry. Isn’t that awesome. Wouldn’t you be proud to be a member of such a community?

Imagine an international affiliate marketing community that gives you a step by step online entrepreneurial training with videos and instructional images to walk you through every process on how you can launch a personal blog and set up a multi-million dollar brand with full and interactive support!

Imagine such a community that allows you again to earn cash credits within its numerous platforms through creating training, becoming an ambassador and lots more. And you can cash your earned credits to PayPal whenever you want while you build on your site Page Rank in search engines alongside. Congratulations once again!

If you’re skeptical about anything having to do with an online business, I’m pleased to tell you today that I was in your shoes and, of course, I went through a lot even more than you did long before I came across this platform. It was a great day in my life.

I didn’t understand things about online marketing deeply like this before I joined the WA community. I stayed away even until several weeks of being told about this community because I was so skeptical.

So, if you were like me, congratulations to you today because I’m going to hold you in the hand generously, ridiculously and passionately. And I will mentor you 100% free one-on-one until you get your online success. You are warmly welcomed, friend.

To create your WA free starter account straightaway, click the image below. Make sure to complete your WA account profile first after registration which is in 4 stages as shown below:

  1. Add an image
  2. Add a description about yourself
  3. Set your money goal: and
  4. Start training.
Kyle & Carson; the Co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle & Carson; the Co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Jaaxy Keyword and Niche Research Tool

Would you desire to rank all of your content on the first page in Google? Would you love to create all of your posts leveraging the best keyword and niche research tool (Jaaxy) in the world? Do you want to know how to use the low competition keyword to create a kind of content that ranks in Google?

If your answer to all of my questions above is a capital “YES”, then do not hesitate to learn more about Jaaxy by following the link below.

The Best Keyword and Niche Research Tool in the World

The Best Keyword and Niche Research Tool in the World

Jaaxy is the most integrated, yet, the easiest and most effective keyword and niche research tool in the online world. It comes with lots of integrated features such as hundreds of Keyword Searches, Brainstorm, Saved Lists, Site Rank, Alphabet soup,  Search Analysis, Jaaxy help, and Search History.

Start using the best Keyword and Niche Research Tool in the World

Grammarly Application

Upon trying out several grammar checking tools online, I figured out that Grammarly emerges the best and most effective tool for website owners, schools, offices, and organizations worldwide.

Unlike most other grammar checking tools out there, it detects errors quickly as you write your content and provides a couple of suggestions to get those errors fixed right away.

Proofread By Grammarly

Proofread By Grammarly

Read my honest review about the Grammarly Application/tool

Super Training Resources For Your Super Blogging Experience

Here is the direct link to the super training resources created for your super blogging experience

Check below for a quick overview of my super training resources

Mobile SEO Strategy

How To Set Up A Coaching Business

How To Write A Remarkable Blog Post: The Perfect Guide

How To Make Money Online Genuinely

How To Increase Sales and Conversions

How To Go About Blog Commenting For SEO

How To Implement Working Strategies

How To Drive Hundreds Of Targeted Visitors To Your Blog

How To Build Your Site Identity With A Remarkable Logo Using Canva

How To Increase Your Blog Readers

Top 7 Tips To Building Up An Online Empire

How To Get A First Page Rank In Google

How To Become A Pro Blogger

How To Get Started With The Google Search Console

How To Integrate Your SEO With The Google Search Console

Useful Tips For Newbie Bloggers

Examine Indexed Pages For Likely Issues

How To Get Hired For Freelance Writing With 4 Simple Strategies

4 Simple Steps To Attracting Readers To Your Blog

How To Build Up A Great Community At Your Site

How To Turn Your Blog Into a Real Online Business

How to Get Motivated When You Feel like Quitting

How to Earn Some Extra Cash When Your Site Is Not Converting Yet

What You Should Know When starting a Blog

Why You Should Stop Focusing Attention On Building An Email List

Helpful Tools for Newbie and Veteran Bloggers

How to Make Money Selling Your Own Personal Service Through Your Blog

Tips for Writing a Blog Post Perfectly

Tools That Can Help You Rank Your Content

Things You Can Do With Your Blog In Order Not to Quit

Why You Are not Getting Sales and Conversions

How You Can Start Receiving Comments On Your Blog

Benefits You Can Derive From Your Own Blog

Reasons You Should Instigate a Personal Blog

How To Get Mental Strength In Life

The Secret to Becoming a Rocking Blogger

Is a Static Homepage Good for your Blog?

Ways to Make Your Readers Comment Frequently on Your Blog Posts

How to Find Readers to Visit Your Blog

Tactics for Building Readership – Part One

Tactics for Building Readership – Part Two

Once you’re done reading those training resources, leave your comment in the box below each training and earnestly expect a quick response from me.

I wish you breakthroughs in your online endeavors!

Israel Olatunji