TubeBuddy Review: Do You Want to Get More Views on YouTube?

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The second-largest search engine in the world is YouTube according to Alexa. The latter is in the second place behind Google. Even with this, only a few people can take advantage of the platform to the fullest when it comes to creating more website traffic.

Do you feel the need to optimize your YouTube channel so you can gain more traffic, leads, subscribers, and sales?

Are you looking for ways to make your YouTube videos gain a higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) so your YouTube channel and YouTube videos can bring in more free traffic?

Do you want to make things easy and save time in terms of YouTube management and keyword research? There is a free version of TubeBuddy to help you start up. Discounts and coupons on TubeBuddy paid plans are available to help you grow your business.

I avoided YouTube as a legal and valuable platform for my digital marketing business for years because I thought the time and energy needed to create videos and obtain YouTube subscribers is simply not valuable.

It was a big mistake and I’ve realized that now!

This has to lead me into building my viewers on YouTube. I also grow my channel, upload new videos, and I do this daily. Since then, my subscriber count has increased by a good margin in the past few days.

I am getting a feeling that you are also in the exact position I was right now. This is probably why you are searching for solutions like TubeBuddy because you believe it can help you boost your subscriber count. It can also help gain more traffic for your YouTube channel. Am I right?

Free Chrome Extension is available that can help you stay sane when you are doing YouTube SEO.

If you look into Google search and YouTube search, you will often find that some websites and YouTube videos were ranked at the top of the search results irrespective of the number of subscribers they have.

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a Chrome or Firefox extension that is free (with PAID options). It lets you manage, improve, and optimize your YouTube channel without stress.

YouTube Certified Solution

TubeBuddy is part of the list of YouTube apps certified by YouTube which means it’s well acknowledged and recognized.

The Advantage of Using TubeBuddy

Just as the most essential tools for anyone, who does bricklaying, are a hammer and a power drill, it is safe to say that TubeBuddy is an essential tool for YouTubers and Content creators.

If you are looking to become a YouTube content creator, then TubeBuddy should be your best friend because it can help you build up your YouTube channel by making channel management less stressful.

I have arrived at this conclusion after utilizing this tool for some time. It helps you discover keywords easily.

Explore a keyword tool when it comes to optimizing your videos. Examples of such tools are Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, SEMRush, Jaaxy, and Ahrefs. They help look for keywords that optimize your YouTube Videos. You got it? Then you need to know that this works only for a certain degree.

To get better results, you need to use tools specifically designed for YouTube to help with keyword research.

You have come to the right place and reading this article is exactly one of the best things that can help achieve your goals. All these goals can be made far too easy and less stressful with TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer.

1. Keyword Score

What this feature does is that it gives you speedy clues of a keyword’s robustness and its opportunity. It will also rapidly tell you what keyword or phrase to select. It might be poor, fair, good, or excellent.

2. Related Searches

Based on an algorithm used by TubeBuddy, other applicable search terms can be suggested too.

3. Most Used Tags

Thoroughly monitor these most-used tags. Using tags is another method of optimizing your YouTube content. It makes YouTube channels receive more views by showing your videos on similar pages. It helps save publishing time

Another challenge of administrating a growing YouTube channel is that there are tasks you need to be consistent with on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

I would like to give you some time conserving and productivity benefits of using TubeBuddy Chrome extension and plug-in.

Canned Responses

“Thank you” responses, notes, and reoccurring responses can now be done with ease. You can also do them at a faster time rate using the Canned responses function of TubeBuddy.

Card Template

One of the ways to drive more views to related videos is adding cards to a video that has just been uploaded.

Have it at the back of your mind that you can spend a lot of time creating and adding them manually especially when the videos you are uploading are lengthy. But this has been taken care of by the Card template feature in TubeBuddy.

Comment Filters and Management

Do you know that it is quite time consuming when you manage comments that you receive on your YouTube videos? Do not worry. With TubeBuddy, you can save a lot of time and screen those comments. It helps rank higher in search results.

I know you want free traffic! Why not? To get this, you will need to do an SEO for your website and videos with TubeBuddy.

This is a list of my best features as regards Video SEO:

Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is the beginning. It is where it all begins. It helps you know if a word is something that should be optimized. It allows you to check the word and helps you avoid optimizing the poor words.

Another great analogy is; after the test for several keywords, how can you use TubeBuddy to get views on YouTube? The competition came out fair and there was a good search volume. The overall score is 29/100.

Keep trying this and search for many keywords that can at least be fair, even though getting good or excellent would be better.

SEO Studio

When you find the keywords that you should select, begin to use the SEO studio to organize the content you want to add to your YouTube Title, Tags, and Description.

It is also important to check your Tubebuddy SEO score even when you are obeying the hints on how to make your SEO better. It is advisable to target a score of at least 90% or more for standard optimization.

The Disadvantage of Using TubeBuddy

Lack of Case Studies

On TubeBuddy, it is important to have in mind that you cannot find detailed case studies on the way you can use it with the results other people got from using it. Even YouTube cannot give you detailed case studies. This is the primary aim of this article.

Tech Overwhelm

On your first use of TubeBuddy, you will be overwhelmed and probably confused by a lot of options.

The trick is to only use what you need. Some people already have a process to create custom thumbnails like myself. If you do, you should not bother yourself with the same feature available on TubeBuddy.

I suggest you follow what I would call “learn as you go and seek information when you need to learn new things”. An example is when you are trapped because of technical implementation.

How to Use TubeBuddy

How to use TubeBuddy on your Smartphone

An app by TubeBuddy has amassed over 500k downloads. This app can help in administrating your YouTube channel from the comfort of your phone.

How to Gain Active Subscribers Fast with TubeBuddy

I have been monitoring top channels on YouTube that are peculiar to my niche and industry. One thing I have discovered from my search is that these channels keep getting active subscribers and this is why:

  • The publishing and creation of great content with high-quality information
  • They improve their Title, descriptions, and Tags for their YouTube SEO through optimization
  • They raised awareness for their YouTube videos and channels by encouraging paid traffic

Productivity Tools

A lot of enhancements can be carried out by productivity features that help in managing your YouTube channel without stress. These features save you a lot of time. Card and End Screen templates are my top favorites.

You should also check out the Video Topic Planner. The Video Topic Planner can help you bring ideas on what YouTube videos you should make next to live.

Bulk Processing Tools

Have you noticed that you have been redoing the same set of content or you have been repeating the same pattern on each of your YouTube videos?

I know how stressful that can be. Let us not forget boring too. With the Bulk Processing Tools, you can save yourself a lot of time.

Video SEO Tools

Even t I have talked briefly about this before, I believe this section is the most important because it helps you get more free traffic from YouTube and search engines.

Promotion Tools

TubeBuddy has a variety of promotion tools that you can explore. These tools will help you grow your channel. It specializes in managing your social media platforms and helps you stay in touch with your subscribers.

Data and Research Tools

Another wonderful feature of TubeBuddy is that it has a lot of data and research tools stored up in its arsenal.

My most efficient tools for data and research purposes are Channelytics and Comment Word Cloud. They can provide you with whatever information you are looking for.

TubeBuddy Mobile

The mobile app itself is worth $2.99 per month but it is FREE if you are a paying TubeBuddy subscriber. You can manage your YouTube channel with ease with this app.


Being a TubeBuddy paying customer gives you a lot including Audiohero which contains over 250,000 royalty-free songs that can serve as copyright-free on your videos. To be a part of this would cost you $9.99 per month but you are a paying TubeBuddy customer, so it is free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does a Chrome extension for TubeBuddy exist?

Yeah. TubeBuddy is originally a Chrome-extension software tool that should be installed on your Google Chrome browser. It is subscription-based.

Which browsers work with TubeBuddy?

For now, the only official browsers that support TubeBuddy are Google Chrome and Firefox. Opera too can be used with extra efforts and manipulations but I would advise that you use Google Chrome instead.

Are there tools that are outside the plug-in?

Yes. To find them, you will need to log in to your account; there you will discover additional tools for your channel.


From this review, you will agree that TubeBuddy is an excellent tool to get more views on YouTube. It has proven itself over the years that it can help optimize your YouTube channel and videos with ease.

It also provides a wide range of tools that assist in managing your YouTube channel effectively. You can speed up the time needed to complete certain tasks and you can do so effectively. It is stress-free. So why stop now? You are just a step away.

When it comes to optimizing your website in search results, it boils down to creating visuals for your blog content. A larger percentage of people would prefer to watch videos than read a large block of text that look so boring.

There’s this Canadian-based online business community called Wealthy Affiliate University that I want to introduce to you. Currently, it has over 2 million members from all walks of life and has been in existence for over 13 years now.

If you wish, you may join and keep on as a free starter, study the community for some time, and see if it’s a place that’s meant for someone like you or not. Once you’ve got convinced that you’re in the right place, do not hesitate to upgrade your account to premium so you can have the premium features unlocked for you.

I wrote a comprehensive review of this online business community. At leisure, do not hesitate to check out my in-depth WA review. Once you are done reading, get back to me or simply drop your comment in the box below and I’d be more than willing to reply to your message.

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