Video Creator Software: How to Explore Video Creator Software in Business

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The Video Creator software uses cloud services. It serves multipurpose functions and lets you make videos in various business niches. It creates videos in any shape and size you want to have them. The shape could be square, rectangular, and vertical.

You can make videos in various languages with the software. The software also has up to 100 templates for different business categories, niches, and video types.

You can easily customize all of these videos according to your preferences. You can change the video backgrounds, logos, texts, and images, among other things. The software is a powerful tool for turning your ideas and thoughts into animated videos of high quality.

How Video Creator Stands Out From its Competitors

Video Creator

The Video Creator software has excellent tools that let its users take their video editing style to a different level. Here are some qualities that make the software stand out:

Editing videos requires skill and talent. Some people even pay tutors to learn this skill and still end up not doing it right. Some others decide to self-tutor by spending lots of time on video editing but don’t get it right.

So, you can see that the scenarios above waste time and money. On the other hand, you don’t need a tutor with this software; neither do you need to spend time learning some difficult applications. The software is not difficult, and it’s easy and straightforward to use.

Video Creator is the first video editing software to feature the motion technology innovation. This innovation lets you put your logos and branding on objects and scenes that are in motion.

For instance, you can create a video that has your logo on moving vehicles and other objects. You can also add your nickname or anything you want.

Before the emergence of Video Creator, video editors could only apply logos, branding, and nicknames to objects and scenes that are static. The motion tech feature will boost the appeal of your adverts.

The logos integrate perfectly with the moving objects and the scene to make your videos look genuine and natural. You also get to cut costs of placing adverts on social media platforms.

Large corporations pay thousands of dollars to actors, freelancers, and video animators to make top-notch videos for them. You can save costs on hiring freelancers.

The videos are ideal for various uses, including startups, presentations, and promotion of products and brands.

Grow your business by sending a perfect message through your videos. Live actors can represent different professions by wearing attires that correspond to these professions. Some of these professions include the military, medical, real estate, and more.

You no longer need to get an actor’s services or even make a recording of yourself anymore. Also, you get to attract more customers to your physical store and make compelling adverts for your business needs.

You can create various types of videos with the stunning templates made by professional marketers in the industry. There are product demos, flipbooks, 360 videos, ads, corporate commercials, e-commerce, explainer videos, and more.

Other Features of Video Creator

Video Creator is the versatile software. You can get ahead of your competitors by creating professional videos. The software helps you grow your business effectively, and you don’t need any expensive software or technical knowledge to do so.

You can do a lot of things with the software. Below are other things that the Video Creator software lets you do to give you a smooth experience:

Multitasking while editing videos

Video Creator

The software lets you perform different tasks at the same time. You can transfer videos between work interfaces and switch scenes seamlessly. This brilliant option saves your time by embedding videos into your work automatically.

Use of many formats

Converting videos into different formats can make your work difficult, but the software has features to help you avoid this. It lets you use more original formats to add clips directly from cameras without converting.

Cloud service package

It’s not possible for users of this software to make a one-time purchase. So, users might find it annoying that they constantly have to update the software to enjoy the service.

Large Platform

This software packs lots of features on a single dashboard. So, it’s only normal that you’d expect the platform to be huge. So, keep in mind that the platform will occupy a large portion of the space on your hard drive.


The software comes with subscription packages that can meet your personal and business needs. The cost of the packages varies, depending on your preference. As I mentioned earlier, the software uses cloud services, and the cloud service has everything you need for video editing.

As a user, you can choose to either go with the personal package or the commercial package. The personal package will cost you about 35 USD, while the commercial package will cost you about 45 USD.

The software is new on the market, so expect the price to increase after the first day of launch. You can opt for the 7-day trial version of this software to determine if it’s something you would like.


It can be difficult to produce professional videos, and hiring freelancers to do so can be costly. Because this software has a lot of templates, you won’t have to hire freelancers as often.

You can spend time learning how to use other programs, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to master them. Video Creator, on the other hand, is unique in that it is extremely simple to use and has no complications.

The software aims at helping its users meet their various business goals. What’s more, you don’t need to hire freelancers again. This tool lets you make your videos to your taste.

Different applications for creating videos abound. But I guarantee you that the Video Creator software is on the market to make a strong statement.

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