Review of Easy and Quick Online Video Editor for Bloggers

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This article is all about showing you how you can easily go about video creation and editing using

One of the simple-to-use online video editors is

This review will show and analyze to you all the features of, and also show you how simple it is to use for social media platforms.

Over the years, several people have found as their choice of an online video editor.

A lot of users have been asking me to post a review of on this blog. And here I’ve come – to satisfy your appetite.

Whenever Wave adds a new feature, they will want to know and meet up with their users’ requested functionalities.

The price is affordable, and they still promise to make it more affordable with additional features.

It will be good that we discuss the importance of social video; why the use of online video editor is useful; and why choosing is advisable to top your video creation toolkit.

Social Video

Social video is a short video of 30 seconds to 2 minutes duration. These short videos are posted on social platforms for entertainment, teaching, or other purposes.

They can be posted on YouTube but, generally, they are shared on all the social platforms or video hosting platforms either for engagement, teaching, or entertainment purposes.

In 2018, research was conducted by an expert, and here are his findings:

  • Videos with less than ninety seconds have an average retaining period rate of 59 percent.
  • Videos with more than thirty minutes of duration have retaining strength of 14 percent. This shows that people love watching videos with short duration to the end.
  • 75 percent of videos watched in the last 12 months is shorter than 120 seconds
  • Businesses are creating an average of 33 videos monthly – up to a massive 83 percent from 2017.

Starting your business with videos is great and realistic. However, businesses get puzzled in the world of video creation.

They do not have the knowledge, or maybe they don’t feel at ease talking to the camera. Some do not even know what to come up with.

This is the area you mostly need is helpful in the following aspects of video creation:

  • It gives you hints for video content
  • It gives you the needed tools in creating the video content
  • It allows you to sell out the videos in several formats, which help in optimizing your videos and distributing them across many social platforms

Wave is deeply reviewed in this post. You will, from here, have the full knowledge of using the features of for creating videos in your desired style and formats.

Here is the second to none features of editor.

There are many enticing features of that make it possible to easily create videos in a short period of time:

  • It enables you to upload your multimedia files, such as your images, audios, videos and even your stickers
  • It enables you to create folders to a group and organize your projects
  • Free collection of images and video clips
  • You can activate it to automatically resize a clip for more than thirty video sizes
  • Hundreds of in-built templates
  • You have access to more than 300,000 free audio and music tracks.
  • You can add voice overlay to your videos
  • You can add text animations to your videos. The text comes with more than 300 fonts which you can select from
  • You can add stickers and animations to your videos
  • If there is any correction you would like to do on your videos, gives you the feature to edit your videos and preview them

The list goes on and with many other enticing features.

Like you would suggest, its paid plan gives you more features than the free plan.

The paid plan gives you the opportunity to access many integrated features, which are discussed below.

Here is a quick overview of the latest features of Wave.

  • Text Enhancement
  • New Free Plan
  • Video editing and more

Having had the knowledge of what offers, let’s examine why is people’s choice.

Review of Enticing Features Of

As discussed earlier, the team at always adds new more features that help in creating video content with ease and fun.

Here is a list of some people’s favorite features of

  • Simple to use and user-friendly
  • You can add stickers from Wave or use your own stickers
  • It offers free text positioning. This means you can merge texts as a group or position each word separately
  • You can select from dozens of categories of templates
  • It contains hundreds of Text Effects and Text Animation Fonts
  • Content Calendar: it gives you content hint for every single day
  • Selection of Images, Videos, and music from millions of their library
  • You can save your favorite images and videos for later usage
  • Brand Your Video – it gives you access to fonts, colors and more
  • Advanced Sound Editing and Voiceover

Here’s why people love the aforementioned features of Wave:

1. Easy Editing

Wave is quite easy to use. You do not need any professional skills to get started with the tool.

The tool will suggest the feature you need at a particular point, and the feature shows up.

For example, if a user clicks on a text, all the text features will appear on his dashboard.

Without prior knowledge, you can jump in, as a new user, and start using the tool.

2. Templates

Wave has a developing library of templates needed to make your video creation an easy task.

These templates have a good number of themes and styles you can begin with.

3. Text Effects

The features you would need will always show up whenever you click on a video text. The tool is intuitive.

These features include those for changing and adding fonts; for changing the text color; for adding text transitions (there are a lot to select from); for adding text animations; changing text styles and fonts; for dropping shadows; among many others.

The text tool is simple to make use of.

4. Free Text Positioning

Another amazing side of this tool is that it enables you to group words together. This is a feature that does not come with most video tools.

Most video tools only allow you to place your words on a particular position of a chosen template.

Wave enables you to ‘Free your text’, rotate your text, or place it in any position on the template.

If you want more features, try the fixed-position text. They both work together.

One feature that would be amazing being added is the possibility of having a different text animation for different lines of text in the section of the video, as against the current situation, where we have the same text effects applied to every line of text.

For instance, you cannot have a top heading in a case where the text comes in from the left, and another text coming from the right. Currently, both have to come in the same way.

5. Whopping Stock Library

When compared with any other video creation tool out there, has the biggest image store.

This store has more than 300 million video clips – most of these are free.

It is easy to locate any particular image or video clip. These video clips also come at affordable prices.

6. Arrange Your Favorite Assets

With Wave, you have folders where you can file purchased or uploaded images, audios, and video clips.

This will enable you to easily locate them later. So, if you have an image or video clip you think you will need later; this will go a long way in helping you remember.

7. Integrated Sound Editing

If you have a clip you consider for a trim, with Wave, you can easily do so. You can add more than one music tracks.

You can even bring your voice in. Yes, you can record your voice.

8. Stickers

Adding your stickers to your video is made easy with Wave. You can as well add animations. Both of these add more values to your video creation.

9. Calendar

This gives you inspiration for social videos. The feature was recently added, and it was welcomed by many users.

What is Wave Calendar?

This serves as a reminder. It gives you the inspiration to know what to post every day.

It lets you know what each day is all about (be it an international, national, or local holiday, events, or themes), and let you know what is supposed to be posted each day.

So, every day, you get:

  • Themes, events and holidays to aid you in creating video and other types of social media posts
  • A video template every day across the year (most times more than 1) that you can leverage to match the everyday events and themes
  • Useful tips and relevant Hashtags for making your business relevant in the social dialogue with the video

Helpful Hints to Make Your Business Relevant In the Social Dialogue with Video

  • Wave gives you at least a video template that matches the particular day of the year. With this, you can post a relevant image or video clip.
  • When you click on a suggested topic or video template, a new page shows up to describe how to use it.

For instance, if you click on an item, a new page comes up showing you how to go about sharing.

You can choose a #Independence Day post, and it gives you a whole lot of tips and hashtags you can use with your #Independence Day video.

A lot of users do really love to use the Wave calendar in their business. It is a good reminder of the event days.

10. Brand Your Videos

Wave has a feature that enables you to add your brand assets, such as your brand logo, fonts or color.

This feature is not included in the free plan. It is only available on both the Agency and Pro plans.

The cost is worth it if you are the type that creates a lot of branded content.

I can easily set up my new brand. All I have got to do is start a new brand and add my logos, colors, fonts, and select my preferred text styles.

How to Set Up Your Brand Assets with

Setting up your brand assets with is one of the things you will love most.

You do not need a long tutorial to use all the features of Wave. As said earlier, the features are intuitive.

If you are using the features for the first time, you will be amazed at how far you can go with the software.

It is one of the reasons people like – being able to start using the software without any prior training.

A child below his teen said he made a video making use of several features the first day he laid his hands on the tool.

He might be a pro in the world of tech, but this shows that the tool is designed to be user-friendly.

That is what busy business owners like. With convenience, you can create a video.

Would You Love to Take the Platform For a Spin?

I believe you love the look of Wave features. What are you still waiting for to go for a trial? With the information in this tutorial, you can take for a spin.

Are you ready to take for a spin? If you love the look of the features, why not grab a free trial?

What is the Cost Of

Wave offers you a free plan to start with. With this, you can create videos up to 15 seconds at 720pm.

The paid plans are as follows:

  • Very affordable
  • Download mp4 videos for $8.25 per month
  • You can create up to 1-minute videos at 720p
  • Paid annually

The Pro plan costs from $16.50 upward per month, and it is also paid annually. It contains all the features of the creature plan and more.

Creator Plan plus:

  • White Label Preview
  • Upload 1 font and enter 1 brand

Agency plan:

  • This enables you to upload more than one font
  • You can add up to 25 brands
  • You can upload multiple fonts
  • Availability of 3rd party reseller rights and white label reviews


The fact that you can start with no cost, makes Wave attractive for anyone that wants to create videos.

By now, I know you will have decided to give Wave a trial, and I promise you would love it when you finally lay your hands on it.

7 thoughts on “Review of Easy and Quick Online Video Editor for Bloggers”

  1. looks like a good video editing platform, according to your review. I tried screen-o-matic and i-movie and also a software that turns articles into videos. I can’t remember what was it called, only tried the free version for one week but I found it quite expensive to pay for a monthly subscription.
    What I like about the is that it has a music library, it’s hard to find good music for videos for free. The stickers and text animations sound good, too.
    It’s nice that they offer a free version to try it out, I always prefer programs that have this option.

  2. Hello Olatunji,  I must say it’s really such a joy to read from your site as you have almost every answer to questions newbies like me might ask,  and I must commend you for that especialy that you communicate your ideas in a very simple but detailed way I have really learnt from this post and I’ll be needing it as soon as I am done building my site. I’m saving it right away.

    • Glad you enjoyed reading this post! is one of the video editors you can explore to improve your video marketing strategy. Thanks for reaching out all the way!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Wave.Video sounds like a great alternative to a few of the other video editors/creators I’ve been looking into. One thing I like is the library of templates. It is also a good feature to be able to place any text you create wherever you want on the video. I’ve used another service lately that doesn’t allow text to be added at all unless it is added within a certain box in the template. And even then, it usually doesn’t place just right within the screen because their template info pushes somewhere else.

    Thanks for the post. I will go check out wave as we launch a new video campaign. 

    • Much welcome, Darrin! Video marketing is a working strategy when it comes to communicating your brand to the target audience through content creation, and is one of the best editors out there that you can explore. Thanks for your comment!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. This is great information. I have a paid membership to Screencast o-matic and I have been having trouble uploading my screencast videos to a certain platform that I am a member of. I will be trying this product and comparing it to my current video editor but from the looks of things I will be saying goodbye to Screencast o matic and Hello Wave.



    • Thanks for leaving a thought, Jason! Glad you found this review informative and helpful! There’s no doubt you’re going to say goodbye to your current video editor and truly say Hello Wave in earnest. Yes, in many perspectives, has been preferred by a lot of people out there for its multi-featured video editing tool. This is something that you are going to find very helpful, rest assured.

      Israel Olatunji


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