WebTalk Review: How to Make a Whole Lot of Money on WebTalk

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WebTalk is a social e-commerce community that is known to be the first of its kind. The website was initially launched in the year 2011 but was known by a lot of people in 2015. It is completely free to join, and it advises you to combine your personal and professional relationships while on the site.

WebTalk mainly consists of four basic features, and they are Collaboration, Content, Commerce, and Communication. The site allows you to build good testimonials as you do on social platforms like LinkedIn.

WebTalk was founded by a man called RS Garbowicz and has its headquarters situated in St. Petersburg Florida. The site can boast of about four million-plus followers. It also guarantees the maximum security of the personal data belonging to its members.

What is WebTalk About?

WebTalk is a fully functional social media site where you can make money. The site pays you a share of the revenue it generates from advertisements.

The Major Goal of WebTalk

WebTalk is recognized as a company that has been on a mission to help the world, while also provides a means of passive income to most individuals. It gives 10% of its returns to non-profit organizations.

WebTalk’s Pay-per-Click Affiliate Program (How You Can Get Paid)

If you become part of the WebTalk pay-per-lead affiliate program, you get to share fifty percent of the site’s revenue. The program involves referring people to purchase things on the site, and in return, you will get paid for the purchases that were made.

You can also get paid when your referrals decide to refer other people to sign up and purchase something. It doesn’t just end there. WebTalk provides you with your very own dashboard; this dashboard is what you can use to check your progress and see how your referrals are growing.

To get paid, you must own a stripe account; this is because PayPal payment is not yet available on the site.

Also, note that the amount of money you can make on the site will greatly be determined by the number of referrals you make and the number of those that end up making purchases.

This simply means that if someone registers and makes a purchase of $200, you get a commission of $20 from that referral. If you have up to five such referrals, you’ll be making $100 for just referring people to make a purchase.

The site also offers a social share button; this social share button allows you to place links on your social media handles or blogs.

How to Properly Use WebTalk

  • After you have been invited to join the site, you will be asked to sign up with either your Facebook or LinkedIn information
  • Fill up the information section very well
  • Select and place a proper profile picture
  • Click on the link sent to your email and then confirm your registration
  • Click on the pencil icon you find on the page to upload a cover photo
  • After that, you’ll be required to make at least 10 connections on your site before your profile will be completed. You will not be allowed to access the site until you are able to convince at least 10 people to connect with you
  • The site gives you an affiliate link that makes your connection with others easier; it reads “follow me on WebTalk”. There is also a blog promotion option; the site allows you to have access to this blog promotion section even if you are not part of the affiliate program.

How to Properly Complete Your Profile on WebTalk

After connecting with the 10 users you were initially required to connect with, you will need a recommendation from someone who is a verified member of the site. These are the easy steps involved in getting such recommendations.

  • Locate the profile or page of the person you would like to get the recommendation from
  • Click on “following”
  • Click on the “edit contact” popup that comes after that
  • Click ok on the “Add to professional network” option
  • Head back to his or her profile
  • Go to the recommendation area and request a recommendation from them
  • Also, input the kind of relationship you have with the person
  • It is then up to the person to accept or decline your request, but they will most likely accept
  • Just in case anyone wants a recommendation from you, he or she will have to go through the same process listed above.

How Legit is WebTalk?

There were some speculations in 2019 about WebTalk not being legitimate; this was owing to the fact that it wasn’t yet able to pay its users because it was still in beta mode.

The site eventually made commission payments for September 2019, so this rules out the speculations about it not being legitimate.

Relevant Updates on WebTalk

December 2019

According to some verified WebTalk users, the site made commission payments to its members for September.

March 2020

WebTalk now fully pays for activities, and these activities aren’t limited to popular posts; they also include referrals and some other different activities on the site. Also, when your referrals get paid for activities, you get paid a commission too.

WebTalk included the Payoneer option as a means of payment for those people who do not reside in the United States. Its users also grew to 4 million-plus during this period, and it was acknowledged as a major landmark for the site.

September 2020

WebTalk has external social media groups where its members discuss; the group is on MEWE.

January 2021

WebTalk now officially has an app and it’s free; the app is available for downloads on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WebTalk Generally About?

WebTalk is a professional network that has its users’ privacy-enhanced. It is an e-commerce store that pays when you make referrals and those referrals end up making a purchase.

How to Use WebTalk

Although you may not make a whole lot of money immediately you become a member of the WebTalk, you have a lot of opportunities on the platform.  You can start performing tasks and referring people to make purchases on the site.

What Do I Need to Become Part of WebTalk?

Like I said in the initial part of this post, WebTalk majorly consists of four basic features and they are collaboration, content, commerce, and, most importantly, communication.

Having the ability to communicate properly will be one of the basic requirements you need to be part of WebTalk. To make money from referrals, you have to learn how to convince people to make purchases.

So the basic thing you will need to become part of WebTalk is good communication skills.

Who Can Become Part of WebTalk?

Literally, anyone can become part of this wonderful platform. All you will need is an internet connection and internet connectable device and you are good to go.

What is the Referral Benchmark on WebTalk?

The WebTalk referral program is called the social CPX. The program gives you the opportunity to get paid once people sign up on the platform and make a purchase.

When your referrals also make referrals, you get paid a commission from those referrals and this can go up to five levels of referrals; nice, isn’t it?

If you happen to place your referral link on any social platform, you get a commission if someone clicks the link even without them ending up making a purchase.

How Many Accounts Am I Permitted to Operate on WebTalk?

On WebTalk, you are only permitted to open and operate a single account. Anything that is more than a single account will put the account at risk of getting removed.

What Other Benefits Does WebTalk Offer?

WebTalk offers its users a lot of wonderful benefits, but a benefit that stands out is the ability to promote your blog directly using the platform.

Do I Need a Referral to Become Part of WebTalk?

This is a very important aspect of becoming part of WebTalk. You should know that for you to become part of the site, you have to be invited by someone. This invitation is given through a referral link and if you don’t receive one, you cannot join the site.

Wrapping up

There are lots of pay-per-click platforms available on the internet and WebTalk is just one of them. If you have looked at this post properly and you decide to become part of the site, then you will not be making the wrong choice.

As a reminder, the amount of money you can make on the site is determined by the referrals you make. So if you are hoping to become part of the site with the goal of making money, you must ensure you have good communication skills you can use to convince people.

Now that you know the pros and cons of WebTalk, don’t you think it’s time to own an account?

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