A Review of Weebly Site Builder

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Weebly is a platform used for building websites; this is an important tool for people who want to start their own website. In 2014, it was reported that the platform had over 40 million users.

The platform is one of the best website builders out there, it is easy to use and it is designed to build professional, personal, and business websites. Let me mention some fact about the Weebly platform:

  • The company was founded in 2007
  • The company is based in San Francisco, USA
  • The company makes use of the USA server for its services
  • They have 5 plans you can use on the platform
  • The founders are David Rusenko (CEO), Dan Veltri (COO), and Chris Fanini (CTO).

The interesting thing about the Weebly platform is that they know what people need when it comes to website designing and they were able to produce a solution to it. The company understands the fact that not everyone can code and not everyone will be interested in coding.

On the platform, you don’t need any knowledge of coding and you will be able to get your website live in just a few hours. The simplicity of the platform and its good user experience has made it one of the best web building platforms out there.

The Editor

The Weebly tool is a very reliable tool for your website building. The tool has a lot of features that will help its user to build professional websites. The editor on the Weebly site builder uses a drag-and-drop feature for design.

You will be able to move the element around a particular area. The element that is been moved can be images, slideshows, texts, forms, galleries, embedding code, maps, and other things. The website builder gives its users the privilege to edit the HTML and CSS codes of their site.

The editor on the Weebly platform is the weak point of the builder. This is because what you are trying to edit might go to the wrong place, making the organization of the website a bit rough.

Weebly Template

The platform has a lot of different templates you can choose from. The templates are modern ones and they are well-designed. On the Weebly site builder, you can easily edit the source code of your site; this makes it very easy to edit the templates on the website with the CSS code.

Another good part of the builder is that you can change the template anytime you want, even if your website has gone live.

When you pick a particular template on the Weebly platform, the mobile version of that template is also generated. You can also edit the mobile version of the website anytime you want to.

SEO, AdSense, and Publicity

The Weebly platform allows you to edit the title, metadata, and keywords on your website. You can edit the general look of the website and you also edit the individual pages.

You can also add codes to some things on the platform like the header or the pages, this makes it easier to add some external features to the builder. You can add external tools like a payment button or the online chat menu, and the likes.

The platform also allows you to monetize your website, you can run publicity for your website and also add some Google AdSense ads to the website. Initially, the platform takes 50% of the income generated through site monetization, but now the user receives 100% of the income.

The Weebly site builder does not have an email marketing tool, but you can add some email marketing tools to the site like the E-goi, MailChimp, Aweber, and the rest.

Weebly App Center

This is what differentiates the Weebly site builder from all other site builders. They have an amazing app center. This is a provision that allows you to add various applications to your website with cool features; you can do a lot more with the apps that you installed.

The apps increase the functionality and the features of your website, without you having to add some codes to your website. For example, there is an app called Team cards. This app allows you to create a team page on your website where you can show members of your organization.

There is another app called Schedulista. This allows your users to book an appointment. This is very useful for people who run a business like a hair salon, counseling firm. There are many apps out there that you can add to your website, each of these apps comes with its own special function.

A blogger might want to add some specific types of app that will allow for social media sharing, Facebook likes, and image cards. An online store owner might want to add some apps that allow live chat, payment through PayPal, coupons, and discount, comparison table.

All of this is possible through apps that you can easily download from the app play store. You don’t need to pay for some of the apps because they come with a free version while some of them have to be paid for.

Widgets and Navigation

The platform allows you to add Widgets to your site; you can add widgets like videos, galleries, forums, documents, files, flash, and others. When it comes to widgets, you can have many levels of submenus. This means that a single menu option can have many submenus.

The favicon of a site can be changed, but this is only available to users on a paid plan. The platform has its own tool it uses for getting statistics, but you can add Google Analytics to the site.

Weebly offers an easy way to create forums, forms, pages password protection, support for sites. The password protection for pages is only available to users who are on the paid plans.

Membership Creation

When you are on the pro plan of the platform or any other plan above the pro plan, you can add a membership to your site. You might want to create some certain pages that have offers, but they are only for a member of your website.

You could also want to restrict access of visitors to a particular page and grant access to only the members of your site. This is very handy when you are working with content writers and you want them to have access to the areas under construction.

These areas under construction are not to be displayed to the general public. This feature is very useful for this type of case.

Weebly for e-commerce

The Weebly platform over the years has been improving when it comes to creating e-commerce stores. They have created a lot of e-commerce store themes, and they have created an exceptional shop management solution for their users.

You can now manage your store easily and keep track of your cash. Just with a few clicks, you can manage your e-commerce store, you can see what is happening on it, and also manage the orders that you have.

The platform has provided its users with various e-commerce packages they can use for their businesses. The e-commerce store is now easy to create, and they have SSL encryption. However, on the platform, they have payment method limitations. You can only pay through Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal; you can also pay through credit cards.

Weebly for Blogging

The platform has a lot of amazing blogging features. The drag-and-drop system on the site makes it very easy for you to create your own blog posts. You can also add videos, galleries, maps, text, and a lot more to your blog.

You can also categorize posts, you can schedule them, and you can also add featured images. The platform also has a very flexible blog creator. This creator has most of the features a Content Management System should have.

The structure of the blog creation follows the same pattern with other blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress.


This is the part where the platform really displayed its innovative abilities. They have features that are rare for a site builder to have; this is the permission to allow their user to use their sites with any server of their choice.

On the premium plans of the platform, you will get unlimited storage space and also get unlimited bandwidth. This is truly an impressive feature. The free plan allows you to upload files that is about 10MB while on the paid plans, you can add up to 250MB files.

Customer Support

The Weebly customer support is very good, they respond to all emails and if you are on a paid plan, you can get phone support too. The customer support team is very familiar with the platform itself, so they can proffer solutions to any issue you might have on the platform.

On the site, they have done a lot of documentation and they have answered a lot of questions, some of them will answer queries that their users might have.

One thing you must note is that the support for the paid plans is greater than that of the free plan. This means they might take a while to answer users on the free plan, and they will answer the users on the paid plans first.

Weebly Plans

  • Weebly Free Plan

This plan is very basic and you don’t have to pay anything for the plan. The plan can be used for a personal project but when it comes to business projects, it is not advisable. This plan is suitable if you just want to test how the platform works or you want to familiarize yourself with the platform.

The plan has a limited storage space of 500MB. Your domain name will also have the site name (Weebly will be a part of your URL). Weebly Ads will also show on your website. These factors don’t matter if you are running a personal project.

  • Weebly Starter Plan

This plan is the first in the premium plans. Though it is still a basic plan, it still has some added features that differentiate it from the free plan. The first benefit is that your domain name doesn’t have to be a subdomain name under Weebly.

The Weebly ads are not included in this plan. The storage space is unlimited, this is very good for a starter plan, the plan also comes with some e-commerce functions. This plan is not suitable for e-commerce store owners; this is because your domain name will be a subdomain.

The platform takes 3% of the sales that you make on the site, and you have a limited number of products you can sell. This is why the plan is not suitable for the store owner; it is more suitable for bloggers.

The plan costs $14 per month. If you are running an annual plan, it costs $8 per month. The biennial plan is the cheapest; it cost $5 per month.

  • Weebly Pro Plan

This plan is the intermediate plan for the premium plans. It has more features than the starter’s plan. This is only suitable for small businesses and small e-commerce stores. The plan provides many other tools that allow you build your site better.

It has unlimited storage space, password protection, phone support, video background. The e-commerce feature of the plan is still limited; you can only add 25 products to your store. Weebly still takes 3% of your sales.

The plan costs $18 per month, $12 per month for the annual plan, and $9 per month for the biennial plan.

  • Weebly Business Plan

The plan is almost at the top of the premium plans list. On this plan, you will have access to all the features on the pro plan and additional ones. The plan is good for people who want to run an e-commerce store.

Some of the added features are SSL security, shipping and tax rules, coupon and codes, inventory management. You can sell digital products in your store and everything is done through your domain name.

Also, you will get an unlimited display of your products. There is no transaction fee for this plan. The plan costs $25 per month, $21 per month for the annual plan.

  • Weebly Performance Plan

This is the highest of all the premium plans offered by the Weebly site builder. You will get all the features that are on the business plan and some additional features. Some of the added features are incorporating Gift Cards, real-time shipping rates, and abandoned cart emails.

This abandoned cart email is a feature that allows you to send marketing campaigns to customers that left their cart without paying. The plan costs $45 per month, $38 per month for the annual plan, and $35 per month for the biennial plan.


The Weebly platform is one of the best website building tools out there, and they offer a wide range of features to their users. There is also a plan to test the tool and see if it is worth your money. I will recommend this platform for anyone who wants to build sites with amazing features.

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  1. The Weebly Site Builder platform was completely new to me and you really provided a lot of detailed information.  It was easy for me to follow and addressed all the areas that persons familiar with similar platforms would be interested in.  

    I think the feature of having access to telephone support is awesome since a direct conversation always makes things easier.  The variety of the plans on offer also appeals to me as various users have different needs and you have the opportunity to pay for what best suits you.  This is always preferred over a one size fits all approach.

    This information was very useful to me and I’m sure will come in handy.


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