What is the Importance of Website Content?

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While venturing into blogging, you need a lot of quality and engaging content written daily on that blog in order to build traffic on time. Without publishing content frequently, there’s nothing like traffic and there’s nothing like a functional website at all. You need to publish useful and informative content on your blog daily to speed up search engine rankings.

Content is king and it’s the only food consumed by search engines. Once you know how to build your blog daily with content while engaging the visitors, you’ll receive due reward from search engines later.

In  my early months of blogging, I learned from some bloggers that it’s not compulsory to write daily. To some people, writing an article once a week is okay while others said it is normal to write content 3-4 times a month. As I continued building out my site outreaching to pro bloggers, I kept learning more and more about content and how it can help to get a first-page ranking in search engines.

According to the advice from those bloggers who said writing content daily is not compulsory, I followed them sheepishly publishing content once in a blue moon until I started learning from other authority bloggers that it’s preferable to publish content daily to doing it once in a blue moon like some bloggers previously advised.

Quality website content is important in the following areas:

  1. Quality content helps to build a page rank in Google
  2. Quality content helps to keep a blog up to date
  3. Quality content helps to drive more traffic
  4. Quality content increases engagement on a blog
  5. Quality content makes a blog entertaining for the visitors

Quality Content Helps to Build a Page Rank in Google

Yeah, quality content can really help you build a Page Rank in Google and other major search engines so far you’re willing to give all it takes and can implement the working tactics. Content is very important to your blogging success as this is the very first element that creates a sort of impression for any visitor that stumbles at your blog.

From the first visit, a visitor can turn out to be a great fan of your site once he can always find useful tips and resources in what you write. That’s why you wouldn’t write for writing sake but do all for the sake of those who will surely come to learn one thing or the other from your blog.

Care to write only what your audiences will like to read more than what you’ll like to write. Think abstractly that your readers might be having some problems and take some lovely steps to help them solve those problems in a blog post.

Quality Content Helps to Keep a Blog Up to Date

By publishing content daily, you’ll find that you can build a page rank more easily and rapidly in Google than just doing it once a week or 4 times a month. I have tested both out personally and have found that it pays to create daily. It helps to keep a blog up to date this way.

And aside from publishing for the purpose of keeping one’s blog up to date, one will have to create daily in order to give the audience a better user-experience and to win the readers’ minds.

Creating daily can prompt some people to follow you and this can help you grow blog followers which will eventually turn you into an authority blogger more than ever.

Quality Content Helps to Drive More Traffic

When it comes to getting more traffic, content is the basis for achieving that in a lifetime. When your first-time visitors get deeply impressed by what they find on your blog, the impression they get will last longer than expected and you’ll surely generate more traffic in a lifetime.

When you start pulling some decent amounts of organic traffic, you’ll begin to earn cool and consistent revenue building up an online empire and you’ll simply become an authority blogger in the online world.

How shocking does it look when you make some frantic effort on your site and, yet, you can’t find any impact? Work daily on your blog and ensure you build traffic implementing the pro blogging strategies.

Quality Content Increases Engagement on a Blog

Though it’s the blog posts you create that count when it comes to updating your blog for SEO, the comments you also receive to your blog daily from the potential audience will surely add a lot of SEO quality to your content and, thus, will help you rank your blog faster.

When you ask an audience to leave a valuable comment, the value or quality of the content you required comments for will determine all. The quality of the comments you receive on your blog depends on the quality of the content you create for the potential readers.

Quality Content Makes a Blog Entertaining for the Visitors

If you really want your site to be an entertaining one for your visitors, then make frantic effort to publish high-quality and informative content on it frequently while engaging the audiences. Once you can make your blog an entertaining empire for the readers, you’ll pull the crowd easily and will generate more traffic.

The structure and style of the content you create together with other values you add to your blog will determine what you’ll get from the audiences in terms of engagement. By using the pro style and structure of creating content, you’ll successfully make your blogging empire more entertaining for your visitors and will generate more fans for that blog.


Once you’ve successfully made your blog a place where potential readers can always visit and have their appetites for informative content satisfied, you’ll surely rank your blog in search results. Content doesn’t have to be copied from another source as doing so can jeopardize your Google PageRank in search results. The safety of your blogging empire is in your hands.

In order to provide more safety for your blog, don’t hesitate to start  using content copyright protection tools such as CopyScape and others.

If you do have any question you want to ask, don’t hesitate to leave a comment using the comment box below and earnestly wait for a response from me.

10 thoughts on “What is the Importance of Website Content?”

  1. Hello Jon,

    Thanks for stopping by! Writing highly-informative and helpful content would help a great deal in building a page rank for your blog, though there are more alternative strategies for building a page ranking in Google. Despite all, content remains king and adjusting yourself to writing frequently will surely do your page-rank building a lot of good in the short run.

    Once the potential readers find that you have what they need to regularly visit for, they’ll become great fans of your blog and you’ll keep building page authority in search results. Thanks for your visit!

  2. Great article on the importance of creating content.  I know that’s one of the biggest struggles for anyone getting into online marketing – staying consistent with content creation. But, that is the way that we are able to drive traffic to our sites and make money on a long-term basis.  

    What tips can you give someone on how to stay fresh with their content and be able to come up with new ideas on a consistent basis?

    • Thanks for stopping by, NickiV! You’re much on the point that most veterans do struggle with content writing daily whereas, it’s easier than what most people think so far it can be strategized. I believe so much in working strategies and the ones I talk about on my site are those which I implement myself. Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Hello Israel. This one of the most important part to be considered while building a blog. The importance of quality and daily contents can not be overemphasized. Like you have said, quality Contents increase Google rankings. For me, Google rankings = $$$. Getting Google rankings seems like the most difficult part in blogging. It takes a lot of quality Contents and time to be ranked.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Barry! Though it takes a lot of quality comments to rank well in Google, it doesn’t take much time so far you are willing to devote quality time daily implementing the working strategies as highlighted in this post. You’ll discover that the ranking position you can get within 4-5 months, several other people who have been there for as long as 1-2 years won’t be able to get. Thanks for your visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. Content is the backbone and driving force when it comes to content marketing. Google get’s smarter every day when it comes to filtering good content from bad content.

    If your visitors engage in your content, then this is a sign to Google that it is of good quality. Every word or phrase in your content also has the potential to rank as a keyword in the search engines. This guide is as thorough as you can get.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Viljoen! Content is king, the lifeblood and backbone of any blog in the online world and one can get a lot of meaningful accomplishments by engaging the audiences as much as possible. This is the antidote of building a blogging empire through lots of useful and informative content. Thanks for your participation!

      Israel Olatunji

  5. This was really helpful and encouraging. I haven’t been posting much on my website. Mainly because I am overwhelmed with duties at my full-time job. After reading your post I now need to start implementing some of these strategies so that I can improve my website rankings.   I have read numerous posts about how important content creation really is. After reading your post it has somehow caused me to realize that I need to start taking some immediate actions.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Brenda! I also understand that some people really want to pull lots of site traffic implementing the working strategies, but the regular job wouldn’t give the chance. While struggling to build a blog as a regular job doer, you may need to sacrifice some time for your online business lest you’re left behind in the midst of the competitors out there. Thanks for your visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  6. So publishing good indepth content is very important. I agree with you that your content has to be informative and engaging to the reader. This will keep them coming back for more. I read that it could take most people 7 visits before they trust your content to buy what you have to offer. Your website is well thought out and informative. Oh I did notice that in your first paragraph that you misspelled help. It shows that your human. 


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