What to do When You Feel Depressed

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Depression is a state of being sad, dejected or discouraged. Are you such a potential rocking blogger who aims at becoming a rock star in the online world despite despair and all sorts of criticisms?

Do you try to manage or cope with every challenge of life faced in order to let all dreams and aspirations come to reality? If you actually do, then you’re very near reasonable accomplishments. You’ll accomplish your blogging goals for being able to manage all trials of life.

I’ve got to know some people who can spend any sum of money just because they need happiness and want to be free from despair, yet they do all without getting what they want which is happiness. Most people tried to be happy but couldn’t figure it out, whereas the source of happiness is satisfaction/contentment

Depression is an enemy of progress as it wouldn’t let you concentrate on whatever you’re doing, thus, making it very difficult for most people to succeed. It holds you down and wouldn’t let you think in the right direction. Instead of doing things the right way, you’ll rather be doing everything wrongly losing a lot of opportunities.

Where depression is allowed, no one succeeds.  Things remain stagnant and people lose courage for good. It’s a powerful instrument of failure for anyone who allows it to submerge his mind.

When you feel depressed, do the following:

  1. Visit a friend and stay for some time
  2. See the situation as an opportunity to think straight and step up with ease
  3. Devise some strategies to get out of that situation
  4. Start something new that evolves with time
  5. Be an action taker in all that needs to be done
  6. Design a new lifestyle and keep at it
  7. Never live in the past but stay focused
  8. Pick something on the ground in case you fall
  9. Never give up due to failures and discomfort
  10. Determine to be successful.

Visit a Friend and Stay for Some Time

When it comes to a level at which you can’t concentrate any more, try and visit a friend and stay there for some quality time. Get into lively dialogue with that friend of yours and, where possible, pretend as if nothing happened at all.

You don’t have to show on the face that something is going on with you at all for the countenance may infuence others negatively. The mood will may shared out and transferred to the other personality who is supposed to be your companion in such situations.

Depression happens to everyone and can be handled if the right strategies are implemented.

See the Situation as an Opportunity to Think Straight and Step up With Ease

Most men who have got their breakthroughs today simply leveraged situations like this to think straight. When you’re frustrated, get motivated to keep trying. When you’re disappointed, get inspired to keep working hard.

When you even fall down, pick something from the ground before rising up. Your falling may be the turning point for you. So, when things seem to be hard and the way seems to be rough, don’t take excuses and relax. Believe it’s not yet the end of the road, but a mere starting point.

If you happen to be a blogger and need to compose an article on your blog, allow your mind to be at rest so you won’t experience writer’s block. Conduct a keyword research for your article, jot down more than enough points as needed, and then go on writing.

Devise Some Strategies to Get Out of That Situation

Once depression has happened, get a strategy you can implement and make sure you get out of the situation on time. Never sit back doing nothing but gather ideas and go for the best.

Strategic ideas bring out quick solutions, though it takes one to be logical to be able to devise the right strategies for winning trials and challenges.

Start Something New that Evolves With Time

If it’s a news blog you can start now, make a move on that in earnest. If it’s a personal blog you already own, start building such spending several hours on it daily. What’s worth doing at all is worth doing at all. Your daily blogging routines will surely bring you to the greener pasture.

Have you made a new discovery? Maybe you’ve got a vision of building an online empire but don’t have the funds to run a customized blog, right? Why not start somewhere and kick-start with a free blog? No one ever said you won’t rank with a free blog. You’ll only need to customize a blog in order to build credibility.

Be an Action Taker in All That Needs to Be Done

Action takers are money makers and no one can ever skip the staircase to success without going through right steps one after the other. You can’t achieve any success once you can’t start somewhere first.

What are those things you’ve got in agenda to embark upon? What do you think you need lay hands on in order to start living a better life soonest? Is it an internet business or an entrepreneurial business or what other thing do you have passion so much passion for in your life? This is what will surely get out of despair and set your feet on the marine clay.

Design a New Lifestyle and Keep at it

Do you want to start living a laptop lifestyle or what? Do you have special insight into something you haven’t been able to actualize due to financial constraints or what? Try and figure out what you love doing any time and you’ll surely get help on accomplishing it before you know it. It works out naturally that you get accomplishments once you’ve devised the right strategy.

Once you’ve figured something out, why not start planning on how you can get accomplishments? If you want to build an online brand, for instance, get a laptop computer with internet facility and set up a blog using WordPress.

Start building your blog persistently and make sure you allow several months of creating content, building engagement with readers, as well as building links before you should expect to start earning revenue at all. Blogging doesn’t start pumping regular cash flows within a few days or weeks of starting out. You’ll have to apply persistence lest you give up on the way and quit.

Never Live in the Past but Stay Focused

Why must you never live in your past? Living in the past doesn’t let one make any progress at all. It prevents one from concentrating on the setup goals, thus, making it hard to accomplish such goals in a lifetime.

Living in the past doesn’t do us any benefit in life no matter how little we’re doing it. We need to stay focused in order to have all setup goals accomplished. Billionaires of today actually went through the same despair and even worse than that most others but never gave up till they became successful.

You can rest assured that there’s nothing like failures so far you can keep trying. So, keep trying until you become successful. You don’t keep trying and end up failing. Not at all! It’s completely against the law of nature.

Just keep doing it persistently the way you know it should be done and earnestly wait for a gigantic success ahead. Never how long it takes to become successful. Doing that will lure you into giving up at the wrong time thinking it’s over.

It’s not over at all when it’s not yet over. If you’re a veteran blogger, for instance, and you’ve been building a personal blog for some months now, never stop doing what you’ve been doing so far you’re very sure of implementing the right blogging tactics.

Pick Something on the Ground in Case You Fall

Literally, man is prone to falling and rising. In case you’ve fallen once or more times, know that you haven’t ended up the journey there. Not at all! The journey has just begun. When others fall, always learn from their falling and make sure you put that which you learned into practices.

When you experience a fall, maybe in your personal business, never give up believing that it’s all over. Believe it’s not yet over and follow the path of the successful.

Never Give up Due to Failures and Discomfort

As rightly said above, you have no cause to say you’re a failure when you can continue trying it. There’s no feasibility for failure since you can keep practicing it.

You’re a winner all the time so far you strongly believe in the beauty of your dreams. Your dreams will surely come true with diligence and persistence. These are the top two key factors that determine the reality of dreams.

Determine to Be Successful

Becoming successful in the journey of life strictly depends on a personal determination. You can always streamline your plans with a determination to push forward no matter what.

For instance, several people do ask me over and over again how I’ve been able to publish a quality blog post every day and still have some quality time to engage the audience. The only answer I’ve always given so far is that I do this with a strong determination.


Have you ever got depressed at one time or the other? Were you able to get over it on time or did you let it submerge you? When you feel depressed sometimes, you’ll need to follow those useful tips as given above.

Do you have any question about depression and have you been in the situation without knowing the way out? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below this post and earnestly wait to receive a response from me.

10 thoughts on “What to do When You Feel Depressed”

  1. You have posted some real good points about how to handle feeling depressed.  We get so much good information, if we would only follow some of that helpful advice. 

    Depression touches all of us either directly or indirectly at one time or another.  I personally have gone through periods of depression.  During one of those periods I went all the way across the country.  I lived with friends and even got a job for six months.  When I felt stronger I returned to handle the situation. 

    Now when I realize my mind is running away with thoughts of the past, I immediately have to change my focus to music and songs that make me feel good.  Sometimes, I deliberately think about other people who are worst off, the people I help everyday.  That makes me feel better and think about how blessed I am.  I keep inspirational music in my car to listen to.

    Thanks again for talking about this issue that too often is not dealt with.

    V. Pearl

    • Thanks for your comment, Vanna! Much grateful! Yeah, depression touches everyone one way or the other in a lifetime but people deal with it in different ways as there are some who get defeated easily and others who defeat it. Sorry about all you went through all alone but kudos to you for managing and dealing with the situation till you won!

      Music sometimes helps some people get over depression for some moment while others believe in having a walk-out.

      Thanks for your contribution to the discussion!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. Life is never easy. For most people nothing good comes easy. For an online blogger, it can be pretty lonely at times because you are always on your own trying to accomplish one task or the other. With dreams to be really successful online it can be a pretty tough and rough journey and a lot of people do give up on the way and they also get depressed.

    Your list on things to do when one is depressed is point on. You really have to look for ways you can use to remove yourself from that state of mind. 

    When a person is probably trying to accomplish a task online and is not able to do it can lead to depression. I know because I am talking from experience. It is good to clear your brain in such an occasion. This helps a lot.

    Just go out and visit a friend, take a break, play games or just do what you can to get relaxed. You would see that when you go back to work on your business, you would be more calm and would be able to come up with ways to solve your problem

    • Hello Jay,

      Thanks for the highly-touching comment! Much appreciated! A lot of people do actually get depressed and give up quickly in life. In the blogging world too, it happens that veterans quit easily after they had tried writing for months, yet, without getting results at all.

      Thanks for your contribution, friend! You really stated some good points here and I want to believe and agree along with you that anyone can overcome depression easily through calmness.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Hi AGAIN Israel. You have so many interesting blogs on your website. This one about depression caught my eye just as I was about to leave, so I had to read it. I suffer from depression and am always interested to know other people’s opinions on what to do to control it when I’m trying to write a blog.

    If I don’t do anything, then I struggle to get the words out. Your idea about doing research and taking notes instead of just writing is a great idea. Sometimes, I do feel like giving up, but it’s articles like yours that encourage me to keep going. Thank you for this caring blog.  Jim. 

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jim! Much grateful! As you’ve gone through depression in life, so many people out there have gone through the same and some are currently going through it right now while others will start theirs later in life. When it comes to such situations, you should rather devise the right strategies that will help you get over it instead of letting it submerge you.

      If you can’t defeat depression, it’ll surely defeat you. So, in order to avoid being defeated, you need a lot of actions as suggested in this post.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. Thank you for sharing this as I do have bouts of being depressed at times. Spending time with a close friend definitely does hope and the rest of what you listed makes a huge difference as well.

    Living in the past can definitely make things worse and that is something I surely struggle with. Debt is crippling for me right now and it does sadden me at times, but I do have a determination to fight to get out of it and I do ultimately believe that I can get out of it, though it is going to take some time. This has been really helpful and I do plan to share this with others. 

    • Thanks a lot for the comment, Brian! Much appreciated! You’re very correct that living in the past makes things worse than ever and most veterans struggle with this too in the course of building their blogging empires. Some would fight this over and over again and get defeated in the end. This is part of the reasons pro bloggers say blogging is a battle.

      As you’ve said, when one is indebted, it affects the mind negatively, kills inspirations, makes morale decline and, sometimes, drives one into worse and more serious troubles of life.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji

  5. I went through a bad patch of depression back last year where I couldn’t even leave my bedroom. I didn’t know what was going on at first but after a week or 2, my wife got the doctor out to me and he diagnosed me with clinical depression which was scary and a bit of a relief at first,

    I was relieved to find out that there was something that could be cured over time and also scary because I had no information about what depression really was. It was a hard 3 months of going through things day by day but with the help of my friends and family, I finally got through it and feel stronger through it all.

    For anyone who is reading this, it will get better even though it might not feel like it at the time but you have to take it a step at a time and it will all get better, I promise 🙂

    • Thanks for your contribution to the discussion, Matthew! Much appreciated! And I want to say a big sorry for the much depression you went through even for the whole of the hard three months. Kudos to you for being strong enough to cope with the whole situation despite the fact that you knew nothing about depression at all then.

      It’s true that things get back to normal with time so far we can take everything one after the other. We actually need a lot of courage to build on no matter what we go through now.

      Thanks for the visit!

      Israel Olatunji


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