Why Email Marketing is Essential

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How do you reach out to your ideal target audience? How do you manage to create content alongside sending email updates to your potential blog readers?

In what way do you send email updates to your audiences? Have you ever tried sending email newsletters to your blog audience at all? Well, whether you’re just starting a blog of your own or you’ve been a veteran blogger for some months or years now, sending an email newsletter would be instrumental to your blogging success.

Maybe you’re thinking it isn’t a necessary tool for your business. If that’s your thought, then you’re not helping the business grow on time.

When it comes to reaching out to the ideal target audience, sending an email is a powerful tactic implemented by the authority bloggers out there. There are various types of email marketing tools you can use for your email marketing such as Aweber, MailChimp and lots more. To make the most out of this, you must build engagement with your email subscribers.

Let’s remove some misconception from the way first before going into email marketing discussion.

Should You Always Send a Newsletter at all Times?

What is the disparity between an email list and a newsletter? Or do you take both to mean the same?

Literally, newsletters are a series of emails sent out periodically to subscribers. It provides details about the product or service that’s being offered to the audiences and potential customers.

A newsletter is not the only means of disseminating or communicating products, services, new posts or any other vital informative idea to subscribers via emails. Occasionally, you may decide to write a brief post with one or more links to certain pages or posts that you want your subscribers to visit. Thus, it may not necessarily be newsletters at all times.

However, an email list is a comprehensive list of those who subscribed to your blog to receive updates which include the most recent posts on your blog, important pages, sales pages, product and review pages. To make the most out of this, it’s necessary to send emails at frequent intervals. Subscribers must be given particular times when email updates are usually sent in.

Why You Must Send Emails to Collaborate with Your Potential Readers

You need to send emails frequently to the subscribers as this is a proven strategy for controlling your bounce rates. But I’ve observed that most veterans don’t implement this.

As email marketing has been ignored by most veteran bloggers out there, it follows that they constantly keep getting an increase in bounce rates and this affects their Alexa ranking positions from the onset.

Where email marketing is rigorously done with thorough engagement, traffic keeps flowing on your blog and you improve a page rank in Google.

The following are reasons why sending emails to subscribers can help you become successful in the online world:

  1. Email gives you the opportunity to engage your potential subscribers
  2. Email gives you traffic control
  3. Email gives you the opportunity to bring notice of any product or service to the subscribers
  4. Email helps you to increase traffic and make more sales
  5. Email gives you the opportunity to mentor your subscribers as you want
  6. Email lists enable you to reserve the caliber of readers you want to collaborate with at particular times.

Email gives You the Opportunity to Engage Your Potential Subscribers

Since email is distinctive, you can freely send emails to your potential subscribers whenever you wish and wouldn’t need to face any implication as far as SEO is concerned. As you send several emails to the subscribers, you can receive such in return from your active subscribers.

As part of the benefits to gain from sending and receiving emails in return, you can attach files which may contain some documents to be communicated to your subscribers, whereas, this was is not what you can do on a blog. This is the extent to which you can benefit from emailing.

Your subscribers will also have the opportunity to send you several emails whenever they have any questions to ask which is not that easy with a blog.

Email Gives You Traffic Control

When you have a very large list of active subscribers on your database, you’ll find that you can drive tons of traffic to your site regularly. As far as an update in Google search algorithm can favor some blogs in terms of organic traffic, so it can be harmful to other people. Because of this, it’s safer to build the business on solid fundamentals.

Unlike before when you could do certain activities on social media and pull some appreciable amount of instant traffic to your site, it’s not like that anymore. If you want to pull any traffic on social media now, it has to come through Ads. It isn’t like that while sending emails. You’re always in control of the traffic.

Email Gives You the Opportunity to Bring Notice of any Product or Service to the Subscribers

If you have a new or an existing product that you want people know about any time, you can quickly send an email with or without attaching files. In as much as the disk space in every Gmail account is more than 15 GB, it occupies any amount of data that you may want to send to your active subscribers anytime and you’re still in control.

Email Helps You to Increase Traffic and Make More Sales

As you keep sending emails, you’ll be regarded as an authority especially if you always build engagement with your audiences and you’ll start seeing traffic grow like the plants in the farm. The ethics of blogging teach that it takes a passionate blogger to be a pro blogger and it takes consistency and persistence to be a passionate blogger.

Email Gives You the Opportunity to Mentor Your Subscribers as You Want

Emailing gives you such a unique opportunity to mentor your active subscribers as well as show potential audiences the right direction of life as touching blogging with the right mindset and all of that. Many veterans are part of your active subscribers and they continually need your passionate mentoring.

Email Lists Enable You to Reserve the Caliber of Readers You Want to collaborate with at Particular Times

On publishing new posts, it’s automatically conveyed to all of the subscribers on your database and sent across to all RSS feeds activated for your blog. However, you may have speculated times, aside from the normal frequency at which emails are automatically sent out to the generality of subscribers, in which you would want to have special collaboration with some people.

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  1. I have to admit that I did question how important email marketing actually is for my business, probably because I was worried that I would not be able to figure it out but your article gives me hope. Reading this, it does not seem like such a huge task anymore. The list of pros help me a lot and give me the next step to growing my business. Thank you!


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