Wikipedia SEO Tactics: How Wiki Links Impact Your Google Ranking

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Do you wonder whether your PageRank is affected or not if you link to Wikipedia? Of course, it is. When you use “Wikipedia ranking” for most search terms, you will discover the power it possesses without delving into any further research.

Wikipedia is one of the reputable sites highly recognized by Google. According to the ratings by Alexa on its top 500 global sites, Wikipedia is ranked the 5th most accessed website in the world.

Wikipedia has made a name for itself as it gives users the opportunity to create and edit content. Wikipedia has attained popularity and usefulness for both On-page and Off-page SEO practices.

It gives businesses the platform to create Wikipedia articles for their clients. It allows them to also attach their site links to the content. You might wonder why businesses would want to put their links in on Wikipedia.

It is quite easy and presumably one of the fastest ways to acquire quality backlinks. It is an open-source community, so everyone can make adjustments to the site. This was why Wikipedia altered links from Dofollow to Nofollow. This means it has applied a Nofollow value for all backlinks to its pages.

Wikipedia’s DoFollow to NoFollow Transition

As you are well aware, Wikipedia commenced using its Nofollow link policy to fight spam. It also prevents marketers from using the site as a medium to promote. I would also like to add that web spiders will not be able to find their way into its search engine by attaching a certain Meta tag to an HTML link.

Improvements in brand visibility and building link diversity can be contributed by No-follow links.

The backlinks cannot promote the linked websites because of the “nofollowvalueiswhatalltheexternallinksinWikipediaarecodedwith” attribute. Notwithstanding, web-crawlers of all prominent search engines adhere to this Nofollow attribute. That is why Google gives importance to links from Wikipedia.

In an attempt to boost your PageRank score, it doesn’t call for influencing the value of links and spamming users.

The Boomerang Effect of Wikipedia Links

The boomerang effect is a scenario in which recognition is attained from Google by the Nofollow links on Wikipedia because its pages rank high in search results. A link that has got a high ranking from Wikipedia articles would also bring references together with it.

Links with low page ranking are likely to increase from the ranking and weight of the Wikipedia article.

Do you want to know how you can influence the benefit of the Wiki boomerang effect for your business? Well, I have a few smart and simple tips lined up for you:

  • When you create a Wikipedia article and attach links to it, this becomes a great way to help your page rank higher. Attaching external links from Wikipedia to your site is also another awesome way to boost your PageRank score
  • Using links on your site is another great way to help. You can add a relevant link to an article in Wikipedia if your services have been mentioned by a popular and revered publication. This would make the press maintain a high standard about you in search results for other online viewers to see
  • Do you plan to use a digital marketing strategy and you have decided to use Wikipedia as a digital marketing strategy? Then you need to hire an SEO expert from the best marketing agency. To create articles and build excellent links on Wikipedia requires a high level of skill. Knowledge, mastery, and expertise of Wikipedia tactics are included. To prevent your site from getting blacklisted in Wikipedia, hire the best SEO specialist you can place your hands on.

Use of Wikipedia for SEO Practices

Due to the increasing popularity and never-ending visitors to the site, Wikipedia has turned out to be an excellent tool in SEO strategy. Are you currently looking forward to planning the keyword strategy for your website?

Are you sourcing for content ideas? Or you are looking for new or old ways to establish trust for your website? If yes, then make use of Wikipedia for either or both On-page and Off-page SEO strategy in the following ways.

Wikipedia for Off-page SEO

Here are a few great and effective ways to use Wikipedia to get winning links for everyone.

  • Despite the fact that Wikipedia links are Nofollow, they generate referral traffic for you. Get citation required links to get referral traffic and Nofollow links from sites that are most trusted
  • Wikipedia pages are ranked as the most useful pages for broad keywords. it will be a great idea to look for link opportunities with topic pages
  • The URLs of all the citations will need to be taken in an applicable Wikipedia article. You have to connect them to have a larger list of interested people, prospects, blogs, and sites
  • Study, review, and research Wikipedia guidelines. Work with an expert and accomplished Wikipedia editor. They will help build a well-optimized Wikipedia page for your business.

Wikipedia for On-page SEO

Drawing up content or keyword strategy? Applying Wikipedia for On-page SEO is helpful in various areas. Here are a few mentioned below:

  • You need to measure the interest in the article because Wikipedia is already ranked for many keywords applicable to a given topic. Gauging the interest for that articles helps to plan the content
  • You should make sure that you do keyword research and keyword planning with Wikipedia
  • The creation of content through dead links, citation needed, and stub pages is something to consider
  • It is important and great to plan your piece of content around reference pages.


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