Top 8 WordPress Duplicate Content Checker Tools

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Are you looking for the best plagiarism checker WordPress plugins? Then you’ll find this post very helpful.

Plagiarism is one of the very intricate and critical issues with the students, bloggers, and writers alike and therefore, the quest to run plagiarism checks is paramount to passing search engines’ scrutiny.

If you want to ensure that there is no plagiarism in your articles, blogs, essays, etc, then this post will greatly help you find the accurate solution that suits your need.

This tutorial introduces a significant number of plagiarism checker plugins (Paid & Free), so you can relax and have your blog content secured.

The plagiarism checker plugins shortlisted in this post are extremely fast and accurate at detecting the WHOIS info of people who have stolen your content. With these widgets, you have a perfectly user-friendly interface and a significant boost in your website search ranking.

Trust me, these tools have been considered based on their features, reviews, ratings, and lots more.

Here are the top 8 Plagiarism checker tools (Paid & Free):

1. Plagiarism Auto-Check

Plagiarism Auto-Check has occupied the seat of the best duplicate content checker for so long. As far as popularity is concerned, this tool is next to Plagiarism Checker Pro. Its interface is perfectly user-friendly.

The web pages that have stolen your original content can be detected easily and quickly. You can also get the address, email IDs, and names of people who have copied your content.

Plagiarism Auto-Check Pricing

This plan uses 2 distinct pricing plans: $85 for the Pro Edition & $17 for the Regular License.

Features of Plagiarism Auto-Check Tool:

  • When a content piece is plagiarized, this tool will email you a notification, as it checks the content on a scheduled basis
  • Through this plugin, the Digital Millennium Copyright Acts (DMCA) takedown notice can be issued to the user who copied your content.
  • Plagiarism is automatically recognized
  • To enable you to access GSS (Google Search Services) in full, Google custom search API is configured on it.

2. Plagiarism Checker Pro

Plagiarism Checker Pro is the very first plagiarism checker tool that is capable of detecting plagiarized content fast across the entire web. It’s got over 700,000 active downloads to date.

As at the time of writing this post, it’s been recorded as the fastest web content checker plugin as it takes just one second to finish running plagiarism checks on any web page or content.

Plagiarism Checker Pro Plugin Pricing:

Its trial pack can be accessed free of charge. The package ranges from $5 to $899 based on the users’ respective industries.

Features of Plagiarism Checker Pro Plugin:

  • With this tool, a plagiarism check can be run for the whole content by simply copying the links, sentences, or paragraphs
  • The duplicate content can be displayed on your blog through the slider section
  • It’s so flexible and simple that you can just finish working on an article and run checks with the click of a button.

3. Small SEO  Plugin (Free)

Small SEO Tool is one of the top ranked WordPress content duplicate checker tools. A lot of website owners and WordPress users have always loved to use this tool. It provides a lot of features for your site and is completely free.

It lets you check your blog content and notifies you whenever it detects any form of duplicate content. The effectiveness is worth using it and it’s so easy to access. There’s a green rectangular box through which your text is pasted and plagiarism checks run by clicking on the Plagiarism button.

Small SEO Plagiarism Plugin Pricing:

So, this is a completely free WordPress plagiarism checker plugin. You can begin accessing it without spending a dime.

Features of Small SEO Plagiarism Checker Plugin:

  • Any old blog post can be checked using this plugin
  • The tool enables you to run checks for your content, paragraph wise, or sentence wise.
  • It helps check and detect every line of text copied from your blog
  • You can run checks by simply uploading any URL or files from your site.

4. Copyscaper

Copyscaper is a plugin that helps you run plagiarism checks for your website content. The tool is made up of Copyscape APIs that enables you to run plagiarism checks straight in your WordPress back office.

It’s also capable of detecting the user who copies your content without seeking your authorization or approval first. It detects the copied content automatically without having to bother on copying and pasting the text from your original source to check over and over again.

Copyscaper Pricing:

Its basic or regular plan can be purchased at $25 only and more licenses at $95 for unlimited features and benefits.

Features of Copyscaper Plagiarism Checker Plugin:

  • With this tool, editors or writers can be permitted to run plagiarism checks for their written content
  • The tool has compatibility with numerous web browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, and a lot more
  • It checks the content and makes suggestions for lines of text that need to be checked for plagiarism
  • By installing this widget on your WordPress site, you will never need to check content multiple times anymore since every data is tracked by the Copyscaper tool.

5. PrePost SEO (Free)

This is yet another effective free online plagiarism checker tool. Comparatively, it does not have as many features as others do but it’s very effective when it comes to checking content or blogs for plagiarism.

Errors are easily detected before hitting the Publish button and this helps boost your website’s search rankings.

PrePost SEO WordPress Checker Plugin Pricing:

This is a totally free plagiarism checker plugin. It can be downloaded for free via

Features of PrePost SEO Checker Plugin:

  • This plugin helps check the entire SEO score on your blog and gives you possible suggestions on how to boost your content
  • It checks the anchor tags or links in your content whether they are broken or active
  • The PrePost SEO is ten times faster when compared to other plagiarism tools
  • It checks errors and typos in your articles

6. Free Online Plagiarism Checker (Free)

Online Plagiarism Checker is a WordPress plugin with fully customizable features. When it comes to speed, it’s considered one of the fastest duplicate content checker plugins on the web. It only takes five seconds to finish running plagiarism checks using this tool.

The plugin is made for WordPress site owners, students, writers, teachers, and webmasters. It checks your content and gives you reports on whether the content is plagiarized or unique.

Online Plagiarism Checker Pricing:

This is a completely free plugin that does not cost you a cent to access. It’s the right choice if you are on the lookout for a free duplicate checker tool online.

Features of Online Plagiarism Checker:

  • Reports can be generated for your already checked articles and shared with members of your team
  • This tool is search-engine-optimized to help improve your site’s rankings
  • The tool also helps check the typos in your written content
  • It equally has the keyword density checker and so many other tools useful for boosting your website’s SEO.
Plagiarism Checker
Duplicate Content Checker Tools

7. Plagiarism Checker Pro:

When it comes to free stuff, this is a completely free WordPress duplicate content checker plugin that has the same effectiveness as the premium tools. This plugin makes so many features free so you wouldn’t have any reason you cannot come up with unique content.

It’s a power-packed plagiarism checker plugin that detects each page of your website that has been stolen or copied. Security is guaranteed while running checks for your written content.

Plagiarism Checker Pro Tool Pricing:

It’s simple, easy, and 100 percent free to use and can be downloaded via without costing you a penny.

Features of Plagiarism Checker Pro Plugin:

  • It gives the percentage-based plagiarism scan of your content when used to run checks for your blog
  • It’s optimized for higher search engine rankings
  • It has a free trial package that lets you figure out whether it’s worth it or not.

8. TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker (Last Tested: 2 years ago; Not Recommended!)

TruVisibility is a fully customizable WordPress plagiarism checker plugin that allows widgets to be added to your WordPress website.

When it comes to a support team, this plugin has a dedicated support team of technical experts who help resolve technical issues faced by users.

The tool detects which web pages have copied your unique and original content. With the click of a button, you can quickly detect the WHOIS info of the user who steals your content and, at the same time, issue a Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA) takedown notice to that particular user.

TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker Tool Pricing:

This plugin can be downloaded for free via

Features of TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker Plugin:

  • By utilizing no-follow backlinks, you can select Receive Alert for pages
  • It keeps track of duplicated information
  • It sends a notification email whenever someone copies your content


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  1. What a truly helpful and informative article that you have shared here. I appreciate you taking the time to explain and go into details about each of these plagiarism checker tools which will help detect plagiarised comments and post on site which is something that has become more and more rampant. 

  2. Hey, what a nice innovative article you have there! Plagiarism is a criminal offense and plagiarists are liable to pay for any damage, hence the need of having an effective plagiarism checker WordPress plugins is inevitable. The Copyscape is very effective for writers and editors to check for any multiple contents using the Copyscape tool.

    • Thanks for your comment! You’ll risk losing a lot of rankings if you don’t run plagiarism checks before hitting the Publish button.

      Israel Olatunji

  3. Hello dear, wow what a wonderful piece of content you have here! I have been having some issues with my site, so I decided to do some research online when I saw your post, your post is really what I need as to solve this problem about plagiarism on my site, I believe your plagiarism checker will do the trick. I am really glad I got to see this post, thanks for sharing this information with us.

    • Hello Skuchmane, thanks for stopping by! The essence of running plagiarism checks before hitting the Publish button is to ascertain that no duplicate content is found on your site. Thanks for reading!

      Israel Olatunji

  4. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoy going through your article as it contains useful information one can hold on to especially when one is still new to WordPress and is trying to develop. I will be checking your affiliate review pages just to get more information. Thanks!

    • Much welcome onboard, Philebur! Thanks for stopping by! You need to run plagiarism checks properly before hitting the Publish button lest you face the wrath of Google.

      Israel Olatunji

  5. Hello Olatunji,  Thanks for this very detailed and d informative post on “WordPress Duplicate content checker” I really find this post very uselfull as it’s timely for me as a newbie online trying to build my blog and website it’s important I have the right tool at hand so as to man my work easy when my site starts funtioning.

    • Oh yes, Jomata, every blogger needs an accurate duplicate content checker tool to ensure that no plagiarized content is published on their blogs. You must not let Google flag your content duplicate. Thanks for your message!

      Israel Olatunji

  6. Thank you for your post. it is useful for me. I started blogging for a while now. I think about monitoring duplicate content in my website or someone may plagiarize my article, but I never take time to research the tools for this.

    Here comes article, which provides all info on monitoring content. It is so nice there are so many free plugins. The Small SEO Plugin is perfect for me right now. The main purpose for me is to check any forms of duplicate content in my website, which may impact the SEO rank of my articles. Meanwhile, it can also be used to monitor plagiarism of my post.

    I am going to download the plugin and employ it for post writing now!

    • Hey Anthony, the problem with most plagiarism checker tools is that they don’t check accurately – meaning that after checking and finding a 100 percent plagiarism-free report, you’ll run the same check on another tool and find that it’s 40 percent plagiarized, and that is not favorable for SEO.

      Israel Olatunji

  7. This is a good category of tool to know about, as something that could have a huge impact on site rankings. Are there stats for how often plagiarism happens to bloggers of top ranking content? I only noticed 2 of the plugins had the builtin feature to issue a DMCA takedown request. Do the other ones offer any support to fixing the issue or do they simply share the information and leave the rest up to you? 

    Thank you!

    • Hey Aly, thanks for your comment! Most duplicate content checker tools would do nothing but give you detailed plagiarism reports about the content – showing URLs of those who have been copying the whole or part of your content, etc, and you can issue a DMCA takedown notice once you’ve found out that your content was truly copied or stolen. Do not take this step unless you’re 100 percent sure that it happened.

      Israel Olatunji


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