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Have you heard about the latest WordPress 5.0 version? Maybe you’ve updated to this version but some of its features remained ambiguous to you, right? Or perhaps you’ve been scared of updating due to panic or whatever, right?

You’ll successfully update to the latest version once you can spend some little time reading down the page.

In today’s publication, I’ll simply break it down such a way that a newbie will be able to follow the instructions and update to version 5.0 safely and securely.

I’ve prepared this guide for bloggers of all levels to run all backups easily and to update with a click of the computer mouse. Follow the guide by reading down the page. No guide can be easier. Even an 8-year old child will do this in minutes. If a child can do it, then you can do it.

Though it may not be necessary anymore that you still have to install the new Gutenberg-ready WordPress theme, the latest WordPress version is integrated enough to cover all of that. But if you still want to use the Gutenberg-ready theme, you can simply install that on your site through the WordPress theme directory.

If you’ve installed it already, feel free to either continue using it or simply uninstall it.

We now have new changes to the WordPress editor. Though the old classic editor has not yet been discontinued from the new version 5.0, the new block-based editor is the maiden step toward an inspiring great future with a lovely editing experience across your site.

With the new block based editor, there are more integrated features. If you’re having troubles using it, then you may continue using the old classic editor which you’ve been already used it. This will still be allowed through 2021.

Leverage the UpdraftPlus Plugin and do the Necessary Backups for all Your Site Files and Database

Before you update your site to the latest version 5.0 at all, make sure you do a strong backup for the files and database in case any technical issue may spring up.

And a good way to do this is to install the Updraftplus Plugin which is available through the WordPress plugin directory. You will surely have a wonderful experience using this plugin to run all backups for your site.

To begin running the backups for your site, go to the WordPress plugin directory and install the Updraftplus Plugin right away. Upon successful installation, click the activate button.

Open the UpdraftPlus plugin and select the “Press here to start” link as shown below.


Which of the Schedules Would You Like to Choose to Run Your Site Backups On?

On which schedule would you like to run your backups? click the Next box below to continue.


You can choose from any of the schedules in the screenshot below that you would like your backups to run on. I chose to run mine on Google Drive as indicated in the screenshot below.



Then, scroll down and click the “Save” box as indicated in the image below. You can also choose to receive reports to be sent directly to your site’s admin address by checking the box as indicated below.


Congratulations, You’ve Just Completed Your Site Backup Process

Once you’re done running the backups for all of the files and database on your site, you’ll receive a congratulatory message in a window as indicated in the image below.



Control All Your Site Backups in a Place

If you have multiple WordPress sites and want to save some hours running backups, you can control all your backups in a place by leveraging the UpdraftPlus plugin.

To do accomplish this, choose the Next box as indicated in the image below.



You’ve successfully done the backups for all your site files and database. Choose the Finish box as indicated below. So, you can now update to the latest version 5.0 safely and securely.



The UpdraftPlus Plugin operates on both the free and pro versions. You may continue with the free version for a while. When it’s time to upgrade to the premium version, you’ll know.



Keep the Editor Classic

The new WordPress version permits you to continue using the old classic editor from now through 2021. Once you’re perfectly okay with the new block-based editor, you may switch to it straight away.

The familiar Classic Editor Plugin restores the old editor and the Edit Post display feature. It will also let you have access to all the features in the old editor such as the old-style Meta boxes and others.

Would you want to keep the editor classic? Then, choose the “Install the Classic Editor” box as indicated in the image below.



Install the Classic Editor Plugin

To continue using the Classic Editor Plugin, choose the “Install” box as indicated in the image below.


Activate the Classic Editor Plugin on Your Site

Once you’re done installing the Classic Editor Plugin, click the “Activate” box to start using it on your website straight away.




I observed that some people are yet to update to the latest version 5.0 as at the time of writing this post due to panic. If you’re one of those people, don’t hesitate to take action by updating right away.

Do you have any question on how you can install the UpdraftPlus plugin on your site or perhaps want to learn more about how you can update to the latest version 5.0 safely and securely? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below this post and I would be more than happy to respond in earnest.

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4 thoughts on “WordPress Latest Version”

  1. Hi there,That explains why I lost all my information last time I did an update. Thanks to your article. Now I am going to be able to update my WordPress theme. Now I can update my Twenty Nineteen theme to the newer version of 5.0 and I will not worry about something going wrong because I will have a backup copy. Thank you for sharing this great info. I know it will be very helpful for any newbie up there like me.

    • Thanks for your valuable comment, Urbano! You have said it all in the sense that most people were so skeptical and weren’t sure of switching their websites to the latest version of WordPress. People were basically afraid of the block-based editor and many decided to stick back to the classic editor which will surely be discontinued in 2022.

      I changed to the latest version within a few days of releasing it and didn’t have any issue with it at all. Thanks for your visit! Wish you much success in your online endeavors!

      Israel Olatunji

  2. Thanks for the information on the new WP update 5.0.

    I have actually already updated it right when it came out. I didn’t even make a backup but luckily nothing happened. The place I host my website is a bit special from other hosts, they keep a second backup site of my website at all times, so if I have a problem with my version the site support always has a backup ready for me.

    I work with the Elementor plugin, also a block-based editor and I’m not changing this for now.

    • Wow, it’s awesome to know that you use a special host that keeps an extra backup for your website such that whenever you have an issue that warrants looking up to the backups, you have the Support besides you to pick up the backup of your website for you instantly. This is really awesome, bro.

      Kudos for using the Elementor plugin and for leveraging the block-based editor! Keep using it. That’s what I also use. The classic editor was only suggested for the sake of newbie bloggers – those who may not find it easy to navigate between features on the block-based editor. Thanks for your visit! Wish you success in your business!

      Israel Olatunji


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