The Easiest Way to Write Your Next Post in 1 Hour

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Creating content is a skill. It is skills you can get to learn and master over a period of time but if you don’t have enough time, I have found a particular solution for you.

I will advise that you learn skills from other bloggers who are successful.

This is the pattern most bloggers use and you can always practice with it; try to use it judiciously so as to get visitors and attention to your blog.

And that will make you create content like a professional blogger.

Readers quickly identify the format of your post and would only love to continue reading if it seems to them as a piece of content written by a pro blogger; not an amateur blogger.

They believe there are new things for them to learn by reading posts written by authority bloggers.

With that said, you’ll continue to lose a ton of potential readers to other related blog posts, if you don’t learn the skill for writing like a pro.

Create Your Very Own Outline!

Always dedicate time to create an outline. Sometimes, we are victims of time mismanagement.

We do believe in creating a link for every article. I know how difficult it is to remember key points and add that into a particular blog post.

And at times, we miss out on content because of our inability to remember things.

Especially for all writers, content creators, and even newbie who are just starting out in the blogging world, this particular tip and solution are for you. You can come up with an outline that makes your writing process very easy.

This outline can be created depending on the article’s length. You can easily add everything in your article; this may be your key to success.

Always regard the outline as a very strong pillar and your blog post as the final result.

Without many words, below is an example showing how you can come up with the best outline for your next blog post.

Sample Outline:

  • Issue
  • A solution to the issue
  • Title of the blog post
  • Long-tail Keyword
  • Subtitles
  • Call to Action
  • Content Upgrade/ addition

Try a Problem-Solving Approach!

When you build content, always target quality content. One of the best ways to do that is by creating articles that are targeted to resolve people’s issues.

Let me sight an example that can make you understand better; using my blog as a reference point; it is in the internet marketing niche.

So, the best thing to do is to aim towards helping people who need jobs or are anxious to get information regarding a certain product.

For example, recently, I wrote an article on the different business ideas available for moms.

This very post was centered on creating help for all the moms out there who desire to work on their own towards momentary success.

So, I made a serious conclusion to resolve an issue and the outcomes were truly impressive.

I once shared the article in my Facebook group and people enjoyed and appreciated the content.

The bottom line of this whole issue is that you should try the approach; you may not be able to predict the number of people you are helping by doing that and in turn, you will surely end up reaching them.

Keep In Mind “Google”

You surely need the traffic to your site and the most suitable way is organic traffic.

When someone tries to perform a search on Google and your site pops up, this will surely bring people to your site every day without much effort. Or always make use of this wonderful tool called Ubersuggest to carry out the work; it is a free tool that will enable you to create better content for people and search engines.

For example, I am currently writing a Grammarly review, and I could see that more than 4400 people are searching for this particular phrase called “Grammarly plagiarism checker”.

So, I create a space paragraph for this keyword and explain this feature in a comprehensive way in my review.

This means that I am providing value to the people and to the search engine; this might likely get me exposed and fetch me organic traffic from Google and people also have a kind of connection with my content as I speak their words.

Tip: Make sure to always write down your long-tail keywords, utilize Ubersuggest to search more similar keywords to your content, and make use of that data to build up more useful content for your blog.

Choose an Attention-Grabbing Title

Consider what your specific audience desires most:

  • Your title should hint at DESIRABLE results.
  • Your title should hint at CERTAIN results.
  • Your title should hint at REAL results.
  • Your title should hint at INTRIGUING results.
  • Your title should hint at TARGETED results.

Using attention-grabbing titles can be somehow tricky and can be helpful to get your blog posts looking very much presentable.

You will get a better clue if I show one of my blog posts as an example.

Templates for an Attention-Grabbing Title

Note: Go through the major text to see for example.

Useful templates you can leverage for crafting an article title:

• How to __________ in ___________ Easy Steps.
• How to __________ in ___________ (Time Frame).
• The Real Secret to Quickly _____________.
• Top 2 Ways to _____________.
• 5 __________ Mistakes That ___________ (Undesirable Result)
• 3 Little Known Tips for _______________.
• ____________ Checklist: Are you _____________?
• The Hidden Costs of _________________.
• 7 Simple Steps to _________________.
• (Acronym): A Proven System for _____________.

Determine 3-5 Points Of Interest!

If probably an article is “how-to”, you need to outline the 3-5 steps. You will be explaining if your article is a “List article.

Then list out the 3-5 times you will be sharing it as (ways, questions, resources, tips, case studies, etc.).

Since it is logical for you to make your article around 800-1200 words long, you may group the word counts among the number of points you are identifying (coupled with short opening and closing); that’s just how long each of these sections will need to be.

Write An Interesting Opening Sentence!

Always make use of the traditional “Types of openings”:

  • Endeavor to ask a question.
  • Open up something starling.
  • Bring in emotion.
  • Come with facts and evidence to back your point.
  • Table a problem.
  • Outline and overview.

Templates for an Interesting Opening Sentence

• Are you aware ___________?
• Be straightforward –; are you one of those people who _________?
• How often do you make these mistakes?
• I’ve got a confession to make.
• This may meet you as a surprise…
• Everyone is interested in knowing how to _______, well, here’s how I do it…
• I bet you’re frustrated over…
• If you are not excited by this, then nothing can ever get you excited.
• According to new studies…
• When you see the results, you’ll probably be as surprised as I was.
• 27% of all participants /4 out of 5 people/only 3 said “yes”.
• One of the greatest challenges _________ face is _____________.
• Possibly the most misunderstood part of ______ is __________.
• Glad to know – _________ can be fixed with very little effort.
• If you really want to ___________, you’ll need to ____________.
• Literally, you can __________ if you _______________.
• Here’s a really simple way to ______________.

So you are to fill in the blanks for each of your points.

For example, I want to write an article on 25 Legit Business ideas for Moms that Earn You $3000/week in 2019 and I begin the article with the aforementioned questions.

Questions are quite necessary to boost curiosity in the readers and then motivate them to connect with your content.

This ready-made template will help you most and give you high conversion if you are writing affiliate reviews and then help you create the content fast.

How Your Writing Should Be?

Your writing should be PERSONAL. Write with one person in your mind, by always using the words “You” and “your” as frequently as possible.

Your writing should always have POSITIVE energy. It must always motivate and strengthen your reader to achieve whatever you are sharing in the article.

Your article should be PRACTICAL.

Always include practical pieces of advice that are useful and realistic in your articles; these are part of the measures with which a good article is being measured.

Your article should be POINTING. Your content should always point the readers towards what you expected them to do; it should illustrate what you want them to do.

Note: Ensure to make your “Final point” the one that all other content will rely on.

Close with a Call to Action

When closing your article, it should close with the right and much-needed information.

If you are working on a review post, then write content that will serve the reader with valuable information, hint at additional resources that will enhance the information.

One thing visitors do is that they click on the link to visit the “Review” product.

Since you are writing the review about this product, on the final notes they do visit the sales page and might even buy the product. Build a response generating box for the Article.

If your goal is to come up with new subscribers to add to your list, then have it in mind that you need to follow certain things.

  • Always provide a free report or a micro-course in your resource box.
  • Put that free offer (option or download link) at the top of a particular sales letter, or add it to a copy of a sales letter, or direct visitors to a sales letter after they’ve joined the list.
  • Through that medium, you will get to join a list and give them the proper exposure to money-making offers at the same time.

Get High CTR on the Resource Box

Listed below are the four ways to use your resource box to get readers taking action and clicking on your link:

  • Multiplication: Your resource box always makes references to something that brings about “Multiple ideas” for achieving your “Final point” from the article.
  • Expansion: the resource box references something that “Expands” on the final point from the article.
  • Automation: Your resource box references something that “Speeds up” what was shared in the “Final point” from your article.
  • Absorption: Your resource box references something that will make readers achieve the “Final point” from your article for free or at a subsidized rate.

Note: Always make whatever you reference in your resource box greatly in line with the “Final point” from your article.

The Ending is everything!

Every blog post requires an ending. The ending is always vital to a successful blog post.

A good ending is needed because it provides support. That is, it serves as a conclusion.

Final points and thoughts are very much necessary when you are writing a review blog post or even a normal informative blog post.

It allows readers to come to a conclusion that helps build a connection.

So, always make it a culture by ending the blog post with your thoughts about the mentioned post.

Always endeavor to share your content on social media.

Make sure you appeal to your visitors to help share the content on social media as well; this technique will help you generate more traffic from social media to your site.

Promotional Strategy:

The promotional strategy is “Key” to a great blog. When you are creating such a nice post, how are you going to share it?

When will you share it? You may likely not reckon with these questions but in the real sense, they are vital when building up a promotional strategy. So, give it a thought as well.

Pin it to win it!

If you are anxious to increase your Pinterest traffic, what is needed to be done aside from content is pin an image where you need to excel.

You need to create a high-converting pin. Pinned images make a lot of differences when it comes to increasing traffic to your Pinterest account.

One such example is one of my pin images that got viral and generated nice traffic from Pinterest without much effort or input.

So, you can cling to Pinterest to generate more traffic and loyal fans.

Never look down on the traffic potential of Pinterest. You can generate a consistent flow of traffic using it judiciously.

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  1. Hey there, these is a very informative article you have here. you know When building a content, you must always target quality content. This is One of the best ways to creating articles that are targeted to resolve people’s issues.and this simple outline you gave in the article which are, Issue, A solution to the issue, Title of the blog post, Long-tail Keyword, Subtitles, Call to Action and Content Upgrade/ addition are going to be very helpful.

  2. Hello there, thanks for this very detailed and informative article, I understand that for a post as comprehensive as this, a deliberate effort has been out in bringing this to together. I must say that this post really met me well as this will help me in faster content creation which has always been a challenge for some time now. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for acknowledging the efficacy of building content! Content is the most important signal for ranking in the sense that it attracts the ideal audience to your blog and triggers them to keep coming back.

      Israel Olatunji

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  4. These ideas have changed the way I viewed the process of coming up with ideas and writing posts. From here on I’ll try this problem solving approach. We all know how useful is to have a person that always has a solution to the problems we have. And we could be that person online. I hope I’m able to be useful in that sense.

    • Yes, you’re relevant, Paolo! By creating problem-solving content consistently, you can win your audiences’ minds and build a brand recognized for helpful resources.

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  5. Well, one of the most important parts of any online business especially in affiliate marketing is being able to create some very powerful posts but many of us were never writers in the first place, so it becomes an issue for us. I’m really happy to see these wonderful tips. You have given steps on how to write a post quickly. I will use what I have learned myself. Thanks

    • Thanks for reaching out all the way, Henderson! Content is an extremely crucial signal when it comes to ranking your site on search engine results pages. Good to know you learned so greatly from this post today!

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    • Good to know, Sharon! Content is all-in-all when it comes to building brand recognition and visibility in your industry and it has to be great, remarkable, and compelling to pull the traffic. Thanks for your comment!

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  7. Helo, a big thanks for sharing this insightful post on writing your next post quickly, i so much agree with you that creating content is a skill, It is skills you can get to learn and master over a period of time… Time is always a major constrain bit I really find this your solution useful. Thanks for sharing, it was helpful. 

    • Thanks for reaching out all the way, Sheddy! Oh yes, my friend! Content writing is a skill which most bloggers lack in their business, but is the most important skill to explore for improving SEO.

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